Dognapping is a cruel crime. It takes a family member away from their home and loved ones causing suffering for the dog and their humans. But it is always great to hear about people who are reunited with their furry loved ones, such as the young girl who was reunited with her stolen dog after 16 months and the veteran who was reunited with his stolen pit bull after 10 long days.

Recently, a poor little terrier was stolen from his family’s garden. His owner had CCTV footage of someone taking the dog. The family was putting up posters and posting to lost dog websites in hopes of getting their dog back. Fortunately, an inspector for the RSPCA rescued the dog. The poor dog was found dumped in a clothing recycling bin.


Thankfully, the dog was reunited with his family!

Dog-napping is sadly quite common. To keep your pets safe, the RSPCA advises that you avoid leaving your dog on its own outside, have your pets microchipped, and make sure they have an updated tag on their collar.

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