Got some tissues handy? You may need them for this story! On December 20, 2017, just days before Christmas, Army veteran Geoff Hoffman’s Oklahoma home was burglarized. The criminals didn’t take any material possessions, instead, took three-year-old Bridget, the adored family Pit Bull. Geoff and his girlfriend did everything they could to find Bridget: they posted on social media, shared the heartbreaking story on local news and searched for Bridget every chance they could. But she was nowhere to be found.

Miraculously, Geoff’s girlfriend found the adorable Pit Bull on Christmas Eve morning! Bridget was lying on the side of the road, injured but alive.


“When she approached, Bridget started to wag her tail. Typical Bridget,” Geoff shared on Facebook.

“Aside from spending at least one night in below freezing conditions, she has several deep lacerations to her front left leg and her eyes were red and swollen. She was very dehydrated, had blood in her stool, and some sort of rash all over her body. The poor thing was exhausted,” Geoff wrote on Facebook

Bridget was rushed to the emergency vet clinic, where Geoff and Bridget finally had the reunion they had long been waiting for. Despite all she had been through, Bridget still wagged her tail at every person she saw at the vet. So sweet!


“God forbid you ever lose a pet, but if you do, I hope you can use some of my ideas to help you find your loved one. If nothing else, just remember this one thing: don’t ever, ever, ever give up,” Geoff shared on Facebook.


We are thrilled Bridget is back home exactly where she belongs: safe with her family. For tips on what to do if your pet goes missing, click here. And don’t get to share this sweet story within your network!

Image Source: Geoff Hoffman/Facebook