An Old School Pizza diner recently had the shock of her life after finding a fried severed chicken head in her order of wings.

The diner took to social media to show her disbelief and disgust, especially after the pizza joint told her to come back on Monday to speak to management about it.

She said, “I turned it, and whenever I saw the beak and the eye, I threw it, and I screamed. So we’re in, like, disbelief at this point.”

The diner did not receive as much sympathy as she expected, however, as many commenters were not impressed.

Many commenters reminded her that chicken wings were, in fact, part of a real and living chicken. So, getting a head in her order of wings shouldn’t have been that surprising.

One commenter said, “Oh no, there’s chicken in my chicken 🤦‍♂️ the cognitive dissonance is real here.”

With the meat industry being so perfectly sugar-coated and wrapped to look appealing. It is not much of a surprise when people are so shocked to find other animal body parts in their food.

Not too long ago, a Mcdonald’s diner found what he believed to be a pig’s nipple in his sandwich. While in 2016, another person found a severed chicken head in their order of chicken wings.

There should be nothing surprising about finding other less appealing body parts in an order of animal meat. But society has been groomed to forget just where this food is coming from and what price was paid for it.

When you eat vegan chicken, you know that you will never find a chicken’s severed head or foot in it.

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