You know that handy-dandy thingy or doo-dad that would just make life so much more efficient? The one that cleans your house better or positions your tech gadgets in such a way that you can watch re-runs of Sponge Bob at the most ideal angle? From apparel to relaxation services, everybody could use something that has the potential to make life just that much smoother.

Which is why you have a cat. Oh, didn’t you know that your furry little friend could double as a keyboard warmer? Sure you did, Fluffy has reminded you of her proficiency at this task every time you’ve attempted to send an email since you rescued her.


Cats have a prime directive- be around, adjacent to or on top of you as much as physically possible. This can lead to you wearing your cat like a fashion accessory, or just giving up the fight to get them to respect your personal space altogether as you balance things on them like a tray table on a flight to Vegas. The way we see it, there are two upsides to this situation. One, you get more cuddle time with your buddy and two, think of all the money you’ll save if you employ kitty for the following things as opposed to hitting up the Sky Mall catalogue on said Vegas flight?

Just be sure to remember, attempting to force your cat to hold your iPad isn’t a cool plan. The choice to be a a cuddly scarf or hat is the cat’s alone, we never want to make our friends do something they aren’t comfortable with or happy doing.

 1. Avoid neck and arm strain with a furry tablet docking station.

Cats That Double Up As Useful AccessoriesImgur

2. Beat the winter blues with a scarf that doubles as your best friend!

Cats That Double Up As Useful AccessoriesImgur


3. Never lose your remote control again with this plush holder. 

Cats That Double Up As Useful AccessoriesEllen TV

4. Fedoras are sooo last season. Rock this winter with a feline.

Cats That Double Up As Useful AccessoriesPurrfect Petsitting

5. Eliminate cold finger tips with this keyboard warmer.

Cats That Double Up As Useful AccessoriesCat Daily News

6. Triple your sweeping power with a broom extender! But, wait! There’s more! Call now and get a second extender free!

Cats That Double Up As Useful Accessories


7. Sleep like a baby with the soft, ergonomic kitty pillow. 

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8. Worried that a hard, impersonal surface will hurt your bowl? Try the lap-cat tray table.

Cats That Double Up As Useful AccessoriesBoredom

9. Brighten up your table this holiday season with a delightful cat-erpiece.

Cats That Double Up As Useful AccessoriesFunny as Duck

10. Avoid sky-high massage therapy bills by subscribing to the Purrfect Paws Massage Service. 

Cats That Double Up As Useful Accessories

11. Watch streaming movies in bed long after you said you were going to sleep while simultaneously keeping your stomach warm using the iFeline phone stand.

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Lead Image Credit: Imgur