Wanna know what love looks like? Take a look at Cornelius the siamese mix as he cuddles his daddy.

This cat clearly looks like he’s in seventh heaven as his daddy gives him some affection. According to the video, daddy is Cornelius’s favorite person, and while he’s a sweet kitty in general, he kicks that up a notch when his beloved pet parent brings on the back scratches.

We all know that our pets love us, it seems to be a pretty foregone conclusion at this point. But seeing the look of pure bliss on Cornelius’s little face as he nuzzles his favorite person’s cheek is pretty compelling proof. The chainsaw strength purring is a good indicator too.

It’s also an awesome reminder why supporting your local shelter by rescuing an animal is such an incredible thing to do. We humans get a friend who loves us completely, while our new furry charge gets something even more profound – a happy life.