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When someone we love falls severely ill, we try anything we can to change the situation. We buy what the medical or natural professionals suggest, we follow nutritionists’ oftentimes competing advice, and we offer unlimited support. There is little difference whether this loved one is a human or animal here. The course of action is the same: try to help.

I’ve known pet parents who will go through all measures possible to keep their companions alive and well: chemotherapy, cataract removal, back, knee and shoulder surgeries and more. Check out these amazing animal helpers here for a reminder of the lengths even strangers will go to change the situation for an animal in need.

For the animals in those videos, there was nothing other than direct intervention that could have helped. However, with our beloved pets at home, we can take steps every single day to help prevent illness and extend longevity.

Remembering all companion animals have varying dietary needs, this article focuses on dogs. So what’s the easiest, most convenient and quick way to boost your dog’s diet? You need to supplement with superfoods! Organic Authority has defined a superfood as anything that “has a very high nutrient density compared to calories, and high ORAC ratings (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), an antioxidant potency indicator.” Unless you’ve been completely unplugged for the last decade, you’re aware foods like gogi berries, acai berries, kale and kombucha are classified superfoods for humans. When it comes to Fido though, do we really know which superfoods to use?

Test some suggestions out with the information below:

1. Alfalfa Sprouts

While we know alfalfa as a common livestock feed, sandwich ingredient, or salad garnish, Dogs Naturally Magazine (DNM) lists it as an essential herb for dogs. Why? Well, DNM states alfalfa can:

-Reduce inflammation
-Lower cholesterol
-Provide detoxifying chlorophyll
-Offer Vitamins A and C, and niacin

This crunchy snack will need to be chopped up into food for easy eating.

2. Ground Flax Seed

This superfood isn’t just a great addition in our morning smoothies! Modern Dog lets us know that flax is great for Fido because:

-It contains omega-3 fatty acids that keep skin and coat healthy.
-It is high in fibre.

Again, this simple seed can be ground and added to any food.

3. Blueberries

My dog can’t get enough blueberries! These fun, sweet treats can be served raw, frozen or powdered. Healthy Pets tells us that blueberries are great because:

-They have high amounts of phyto-chemicals.
-They are a rich source of Vitamin E.
-They are high in fibre and manganese.
-They are a great source of antioxidants.

4. Pumpkin

Fall is the perfect time to start introducing pumpkin in small quantities. Always opt for unsweetened, pure pumpkin puree or simply make your own. Pumpkins add a host of nutrients to your dog’s diet, including:

-Beta Carotene for antioxidants and digestive support

5. Broccoli

Those little trees are for more than dipping! In fact, “broccoli has a phytochemical (Indole-3-carbinol and Sulforaphane) that allures the hormone estrogen, which can turn cancer into a more useful, productive form. It also combats colon and rectal cancer.”

-Cancer fighting

– Good source of vegan protein

Feeding Fido superfoods doesn’t have to mean expensive or uncommon ingredients at all. You can find every single one of these items at local supermarkets and produce stands. Which will you try first?

*Please note* Adding any new foods into your dog’s diet should be done in small amounts at first to prevent upset.

Image Source: Brad Pugle