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Over the weekend, a Los Angeles animal rights group, Los Angeles Alliance for Animals (LAAA), held a protest against Griffith Park‘s pony rides. They claim that Griffith Park is violating animal welfare laws by forcing the ponies to work and are demanding that Los Angeles ban pony rides for good.

The group’s main concern is that the 16 ponies are routinely overworked, even being forced to continue in 90° heat for nearly seven hours without water. One pony also suffers from an apparent gait issue, but still has to give rides to children.

The Los Angeles animal rights group said, “Animal welfare laws, created with the input of veterinarians and equine experts, are constantly ignored by the pony ride operator and are never enforced by Park and Recreation, and Los Angeles Animal Services nor Los Angeles Police Department. The Pony rides concession is animal cruelty disguised as child entertainment. Unkind treatment of animals doesn’t align with Los Angeles values. Los Angeles has passed the fur ban, bullhook ban, and no wild animals in private parties.”

The park responded by promising that they are regularly inspected by the city and that the ponies are taken care of by veterinarians.

These kinds of petting zoos are out of date and should be removed from amusement and animal parks. As they put the animals in danger and wear on them both physically and mentally.

Sign this petition to ban the abuse of ponies in Griffith Park and close down Griffith Park Pony Rides!

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