When young animals become orphaned, it is often crucial that humans intervene to ensure their survival. Without a caretaker, newborn animals are just as vulnerable as human babies – if not more so because they are often left out in the wild. This video features an orphaned pony, Breeze, who was rescued from Dartmoor National Park.

According to his current caretakers, Breeze was abandoned only a few hours after birth and had collapsed from dehydration and exhaustion. Luckily, Breeze was taken in and is now recovering with the help of a few furry stuffed animals! Because he does not have a mother to cuddle with or keep him warm at night time, Breeze likes to snuggle up with giant teddy bears.


While it is heartbreaking to know that little Breeze will not grow up in the care of his mother, it is so comforting to know that he will never have to look far for snuggle.

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