Piglet is one special pup! He has hundreds of thousands of fans around the world and inspires people to face each day and challenge with a positive attitude.

This little pink pup was born into a hoarding situation in Georgia. He was soon rescued, but his challenges were not over yet. Piglet was both blind and deaf, weighed under two pounds, and had terrible anxiety. He needed someone that would show him lots of love and be patient with him. Melissa Shapiro, a Connecticut veterinarian, was the perfect person to foster him!

At first, Piglet still struggled with his anxiety, but after afterwhile, he started to open up! Melissa’s six rescue dogs welcomed the tiny newbie, and he started to become friends with each one of them. Susie, one of Melissa’s dogs, was especially comforting to Piglet because he could see her dark fur out of his left eye. Even Gina, who doesn’t like when other dogs back, couldn’t help but fall in love with Piglet. He’s now the feistiest little pack member who wiggled his way into everyone’s hearts. With such a special connection to Piglet, Melissa knew she had to adopt him into her family.

Piglet’s bright personality has inspired the “Piglet Mindset,” an education program that aims to “reinforce Growth Mindset lessons and emphasize Acceptance, Inclusion, Empathy, and Kindness to all people and animals.”

To keep up with Piglet, follow him on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook!

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