When Randy got Helix, the tortoise was only two days old and had severe deformities. The poor little guy’s legs stuck straight up into the air and he had to drag himself around.

One day, Randy’s friend suggested giving Helix wheels so he bought a Tech Deck and took it apart. Once he attached the wheels, Helix became a whole new tortoise! He started moving around a lot more and could even keep up with others!

Sadly, Helix passed away due to respiratory issues on January 16th, 2020. Fortunately, in the five months that he was alive, he was thriving and able to live a happy life because of his wheels.

This tortoise may have been small, but he’s had an enormous impact. Even after his death, Helix continues to bring joy, hope, and inspiration to people’s lives. His Instagram is constantly updated with new photos and has 125,000 followers. Randy also started the Helix Wheels Foundation to help children get wheelchairs and wheelchair repairs. The Helix Series benefits this foundation and teaches empathy, kindness, and perseverance to the readers.

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