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At the start of the new year, we all probably made some sort of resolution for what we’d like to do better in the new year. Maybe it is to do better for the animals or to become healthier. Sometimes, we make resolutions just for fun, like “watch every episode of Orange is the New Black while drinking wine” just to give ourselves a little break from life.

What if, we took a look into the minds of our pets, and thought about what they might resolve to do in the new year? As someone who has a pet can attest to, we often spend a lot of time trying to figure out what our pet is thinking. We always want what’s best for them, and sometimes we can even be a little hopeless in our love for animals. Here’s a few snippets of what we think our pets might have in mind:

1. Exercise More

Jelly Dude / Flickr

In all seriousness, with 55 percent of American dogs being overweight, be sure that your four-legged BFF is getting enough exercise!

2. Get Cuter

Mike Procario / Flickr
We all know our pets are pretty much the cutest they will ever be, and if you’re looking for a new cutie in your life, don’t forget the mutts!

3. Beg Less

istolethetv / Flickr

So maybe that’s a little unrealistic? If you want to treat your pooch, check out these homemade peanut butter dog biscuits or dehydrated veggie treats.

4. Learn to love the new guy

cartarse/ Flickr
We know it can be hard getting a new pet. You don’t want to make anyone feel left out, and you certainly don’t want any fighting! Eventually, they will get along, but maybe not when it comes to beds or passing through doorways.

5.  Learn a new trick

Keith Bacongco/ Flickr
We know our pets are amazing, and when they show us something unexpected, it makes our day that much better. Just like these puppies learning how to walk, cats who’ve figured out how to open doors, or these animals who have learned how to operate a camera! Selfies?!

6. Eat Healthier 

basykes/ Flickr
We all want our pet(s) to be the healthiest they can be! Here’s some tips on preparing veggies for your dog and even a fitness site to track your fitness as well as your pets’!

7. Learn how to swim

Jim Kenefick / Flickr
It’s not just our doggie friends that love to swim (or just be in the water). There are some rats that love it, and some cats who give it a try too. Then, of course, our favorite swimming animal, though not usually a pet, the pigs of the Bahamas!

Lead image Source: Coatrok77/ Flickr