one green planet
one green planet

Cats are clever creatures – they know just how to push our buttons and get us to do exactly what they want.

Sassy meow? Check. Cute please-pet-me-meow? Check. Puppy dog eyes paired with begging meow? Check. Let me out meow? Check. Let me in meow? Check. Leave-me-alone-meow? Check. And check, check, check to all the other ways they convince us to do what they want.

They seem to have other household companions trained well too, like our beloved pooches. Most of the time, our pooches are no match for feisty felines who can inspire fear in their eyes and steal their beds without much hassle. Sometimes, even a little kitten can stand up unafraid to a big dog.

Truly, they’re amazing, and they have convinced us once again of their awesome skills with the video below – an epic compilation of cats opening doors. These doors never stood a chance against them.

Image source: Lachlan Donald / Flickr