This week, new research was released telling us that most of our dogs are overweight—about 55 percent of them to be exact or around 37 million dogs, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Human obesity statistics are equally alarming. About 35.9 of adults over 20 years of age are obese while 69.2 percent are overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are plenty of solutions out there for both pets and humans, but they are often separate from each other. A new website called aims to combat the dog and human obesity problem by getting both dogs and their humans moving toward a healthier lifestyle together.

Kate O’Brian and Steve Pelletier, a wife-and-husband team, dreamed up the idea for the site in early 2013. They wanted to do a virtual event to motivate people to work out with their pets that would coincide with the Million Man March and the Pet Obesity Awareness and Pet Wellness months in October, reports Dogster. But after some additional thought, they decided that health initiatives shouldn’t be designed for just one day or one month a year.

“We wanted ours to be an ongoing initiative, with no end date, because we know that getting yourself and your dog fit and healthy is an ongoing commitment, one that requires a permanent lifestyle and attitude change,” said O’Brian on Dogster.

Eventually, they partnered with Katy and Krista Wickens, CEOs of the canine fitness company DogTread, to bring PetsMove to life.

“There are numerous studies that show how working out with a pet can increase both the amount of time that you exercise each day; as well as the intensity of that exercise, and that translates to better health for both pets and their people. We aim to wake up pet owners, get them up off their sofa and get on the MOVE with their pets,” said Wickens.

The website helps both dogs and humans stick to a regular exercise program together by creating a collaborative and supportive environment where users can share tips and tricks within the online comunity. The site also holds people and their dogs accountable with easy activity and food tracking tools.

Exercise can be daunting at times but PetsMove may just make it a lot more bearable since you’ll get to share the experience with your loveable furry friend. To learn more about PetsMove and sign up for an account, just click here.