Marley and Me may be the most noteworthy and pioneering title in recent memory within the canine-human relationship book category, but there have been many that have achieved comparable success. Some people relate to the experiences in these stories, others are shown a revolutionary new way of viewing the interspecies dynamic. Here are 10 books that have made us laugh, cry, and reminded us of the bonds we’ve shared with our fellow four-legged earthlings.

1. The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain book

Source: The Art of Racing in the Rain/Amazon

The Art of Racing in the Rain is a novel narrated from the point of view of Enzo, a dog who has his sights set on becoming human in his next life. His human dad is a race car driver who takes him on a winding journey through the trials and tribulations of life, all the while building an unbreakable bond. The Art of Racing in the Rain costs $9.99 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

Christine Okinawa says, “I enjoyed how this was told from the dog’s point of view. Enzo, the dog, held on to the belief he would be reborn into life as a human after he died. His frustration at the limitations he had to deal with as a dog were endearing. More than this though, the story itself, about the trials and tribulations of his owner and his family, kept me intrigued and unable to put the book down. I give this book two thumbs (or dewclaws) up, five stars, and a hearty tail-wagging recommendation!”

2. Good Dog. Stay.

Good Dog. Stay. book

Source: Good Dog. Stay./Amazon

Bestselling author Anna Quindlen shares with readers the experience of living with her dog, Beau. She reflects on the valuable lessons he’s taught her, what their relationship has meant to her, and the sadness that comes with the death of her beloved companion. Good Dog. Stay. costs $11.95 for a hardcover copy on Amazon.

One Amazon reviewer says, “I read Good Dog Stay when our beautiful golden retriever Spencer was battling Hemangiosarcoma in the summer of 2008. It was a great help to me in preparing for the end of our beautiful Spencer’s life and has since become a book that I gift to friends and family who are soon going to face the same difficult decisions we had to make in 2008.”

3. Craig & Fred

Craig & Fred book

Source: Craig & Fred/Amazon

A Marine (Craig) finds a dog (Fred) in Afghanistan and sends him to his home in Virginia, all while risking jail time and his dog’s life. When Craig returns home, the dog he rescued is there to save him, helping him deal with the trauma he’s carrying from his tour. Craig & Fred costs $12.24 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

Mary says, “What a great book. It is fun, interesting, and sad at the same time. It shows the realities of war and how close relationships can help you through. As a dog lover, Fred’s story is very heartwarming. A must-read!”

4. Dog Years

Dog Years book

Source: Dog Years/Amazon

Author Mark Doty has written a memoir about the dog he brought home to bring comfort to his dying partner. He also explores his other dog’s relationship with the new dog, how the new dog is reinvigorated with life, and how they all help each other through tough times. Dog Years costs $15.45 for a hardcover copy on Amazon.

Shea says, “I read and reread this book in the months after my dog passed. Like Mark, I had a hard time accepting the cold reality of Bode being gone and it helped to hear his perspective about dying. Although it has been a year, it still hurts so much and I will be reading Dog Years once again. A difficult to read, yet very meaningful book about something that none of us can escape.”

5. Will’s Red Coat

Will's Red Coat book

Source: Will’s Red Coat/Amazon

Tom Ryan rescued Will from a kill shelter in New Jersey. The plan was to give the elderly dog a home where he could pass away in dignity. Will turns out to be a handful, however, and it takes some patience and love from Tom to make his old fur companion feel at ease. Eventually, Will transforms into a happy and energetic dog and shares an unbreakable bond with Tom. Will’s Red Coat costs $9.51 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

One Amazon reviewer says, “A warm-hearted story of an amazing elderly dog, and the kind man who helped make the last few years of his life full of new experiences, happiness, and love. It’s a story to make you laugh and cry but oh so satisfying to read.”

6. Saving Sadie

Saving Sadie book

Source: Saving Sadie/Amazon

Joal Derse Dauer saw Sadie at her local shelter and was immediately drawn to the downcast and injured dog. Although she already had several dogs at home, she couldn’t resist adopting this girl. Dauer details the treatments and rehabilitation that are required to help Sadie, their amazing experiences together, and how Sadie ultimately saves her. Saving Sadie costs $7.98 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

One Amazon reviewer says, “The remarkable story of a woman’s steadfast determination to save the life of a terribly, abused dog. In the heart-warming narrative, Dauer details Sadie’s road to rehabilitation, the difficulties and joys, the setbacks and milestones of her recovery, as well as the care given to Sadie by veterinarians and specialists in their effort to offer her a normal, happy life. Using patience and persistence, Dauer builds a network to bring attention to Sadie’s plight, and other abused animals. 5 stars! Remarkable Woman, Remarkable Dog!”

7. A Big Little Life

A Big Little Life book

Source: A Big Little Life/Amazon

Author Dean Koontz and his wife brought Trixie, a retired service dog, into their home when she was three. They immediately noticed how well-trained she was, but they were most impressed and influenced by her zest for life, intelligence, and ability to be present. Koontz details how this amazing dog inspired him and his wife to live a more full life as well. A Big Little Life costs $17.00 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

Jan D says, “The combination of this author and a golden retriever was too hard to resist. His tribute to his family’s beloved Trixie brought back such sweet memories of our beloved golden. Sheeba came to us at age four and gave us the gift of her love until we had to say goodbye at age 15. Putting that sweet girl down to ease her pain remains the hardest thing we’ve ever had to endure.”

8. As The Stars Fall

As The Stars Fall book

Source: As The Stars Fall/Amazon

Steve N Lee has written a novel about an injured and homeless young dog who tries to find his lost family. After a lonely search, the dog meets a girl whose life has also been shattered by tragedy. The book is written from the dog’s point of view and explores his relationship with his new family. As The Stars Fall costs $10.99 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

One Amazon reviewer says, “I loved this book. The author did a fantastic job writing it. I’ve never thought of dogs having feelings as in this book. It put my son’s dog Gunner and his love for my son in a whole new perspective. A tear-jerker but loved the ending. I will definitely read again and again…”

9. A Dog Called Hope

A Dog Called Hope book

Source: A Dog Called Hope/Amazon

Jason Morgan was in the special forces and sustained severe injuries. His doctor told him he would never walk again, but he was determined to prove him wrong. During his rehabilitation, his wife left him to care for their 3 sons. It was around this time that Jason met Nepal, a service dog that would change his life for the better. A Dog Called Hope costs $17.00 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

Jesanika says, “What a beautiful story of the relationship between Napal, the Black Lab, his original trainer, Jim Siegfried, and his warrior buddy and best friend, Jason Morgan. I can’t stop thinking about this book, about Jason Morgan and his boys, about Napal, and about the Labs we’ve lived with for the past 30 years. Great joy, friendship, strength, and love.”

10. Merle’s Door

Merle's Door book

Source: Merle’s Door/Amazon

Ted Kerasote met Merle the dog on a camping trip. Ted decides to bring Merle home but still wants him to experience some of the freedom he experienced living in the wild. So Ted builds him a dog door and allows the dog to make many of his own decisions. Merle’s Door costs $14.99 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

One Amazon reviewer says, “I love dogs and I love the outdoors so this book got my attention right away. Merle was given more freedom than I would be comfortable giving my dogs but I loved reading about him. It is heartbreaking that a dog’s life has to be so short but I am glad that Ted chose to let him go naturally instead of euthanasia. I enjoyed reading this book.”

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