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Fur farming is a cruel industry that exploits animals for garments and accessories. Animals are kept in tiny cages and surrounded by feces, as well as corpses. Thus, fur farms cause animals extreme physical harm and emotional distress. After going through mental and physical torture for months, the animals are brutally killed by being gassed, skinned alive, or electrocuted, to name a few examples. Fortunately, many countries have banned this cruel industry and hopefully, more will follow their lead. In the United States, there are around 400 fur farms and of those farms and around 275 of them are mink farms.

Over the past few months, fur farms around the world have made headlines as workers and animals have contracted the virus. In European countries, such as the Netherlands and Spain, millions of mink have been killed after contracting the virus and Denmark has also decided to cull 15 million mink “due to fears that a Covid-19 mutation moving from mink to humans could jeopardise future vaccines.” However, recently, due to backlash and the possibility that the Covid-19 strain might not exist, the Danish government has decided not to go through with culling all of the mink.

No animal should ever be treated like minks are at fur farms. Not only is cruel and inhumane, but it’s also a huge public health risk.

Here are 10 adorable videos of mink that could dissuade anyone from purchasing a fur garment and supporting the mink fur farming industry:

1. Rescued Mink Plays with Toys for the First Time!`

Source: camelsandfriends/Youtube

This video shows a mink that finally gets to play after being abused on a fur farm. Look how happy he is! After being confined to a small cage with nothing to do, he finally gets to run around and play with toys! He seems to be having the time of his life.

2. Pool Party with Atlas

Source: SaveAFox/Youtube

Did someone say pool party!? (In a pet-safe pool without added chemicals of course.) Atlas the rescued mink loves to show off his semi-aquatic mammal skills. But even the best swimmers need a nice break on a raft from time to time!

3. Chichi Slips Under a Door

Source: SaveAFox/Youtube

Well that was impressive! Chichi is not phased by small spaces and openings. She knows just how to maneuver her body to squeeze right through. A closed door won’t stop this flexible little mink!

4. Rescued Mink Play Around in the Water 

Source: Spencer J/Youtube

These mink are finally free and making the most of it! This video of them playing and rolling around in the water is so sweet. Their joy is infectious.

5. Atlas Wrestles a Stuffed Animal

Source: SaveAFox/Youtube

Look at Atlas go! He starts off with the sneak attack, maneuvering under the blanket until he can run over and pounce on the unsuspecting stuffed animal. He loses sight of his target for a bit there, but he definitely has a talent for wrestling! So playful and so cute.

6.  Rescued Fur Farm Mink Swims in a Pot

Source: LW Stuff/Youtube

This mink is definitely loving his new home after being rescued from a fur farm! This video is short, but watching a mink squirm and swim around in a little pot of water will definitely make you smile.

7.  Atlas’ Playtime

Source: SaveAFox/Youtube

Atlas truly is a ball of energy! This video of him playing with all different kinds of toys is so sweet. It’s amazing to see a mink that is happy, free, and living his best life.

8. Mink Takes on a Dinosaur

Source: camelsandfriends/Youtube

A (stuffed) dinosaur is no match for this rescued fur farm mink! He has all the moves to defeat his opponent and look adorable doing it.

9. Chichi Plays With New Toys in the Bath

Source: SaveAFox/Youtube

As soon as Chichi realizes what she’s in for, she’s totally obsessed! These rainbow light up bath toys must have been the highlight of this sweet girl’s day. It’s like a party in the tub!

10. Bed Time for Rescued Mink 

Source: camelsandfriends/Youtube

It seems fitting to end this list with a mink bedtime! Look at that sweet, sleepy face. After all the playing that mink do all day, it’s no wonder this one is all tuckered out. Fortunately, they get some goodnight pets and lots of love before falling asleep.

SAVEAFOX, one of the organizations featured in this list, is an amazing nonprofit organization that rescues captive non-releasable wildlife from fur farms, hoarders, and illegal pet owners. You can Donate to their incredible rescue here.

Sign this petition to demand an end to mink fur farming!

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