After attempting to pass emergency legislation to cull all mink in the country, Denmark has taken a step back. The Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, previously said that all mink would be killed due to concerns about a coronavirus mutation that could affect a vaccine.

After backlash from the opposition party and others, along with evidence that the Covid-19 strain might not exist, the government dropped its attempt. The opposition party also noted that the welfare of people on the farms and the legality of the cull.


Joanna Swabe, a policy adviser for Humane Society International, said of the mink and coronavirus, “So far it’s just luck that we are talking about mink rather than food animals. Covid-19 can mutate in mink, which a virus ​can do anyway, and then it can potentially come back to us. What if we get a ​zoonotic disease that ​affects pigs in the next pandemic? Or chickens? ​Mink can easily be culled, they are non-essential. It’s going to be harder to do that with food-animals.”

The first infections on mink fur farms were found in April and the government used the opportunity to take a stance against the industry and call for closing all farms by March 2021. Over a million mink were killed during the pandemic.

Read more about mink and fur farms during coronavirus, including the coronavirus spread through Dutch farms, a million mink killed by Dutch fur farms during coronavirus, and the Dutch government’s previous statement on mink and the coronavirus. 

Sign this petition to demand a complete end to mink fur farming in Denmark!


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