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This horse was rescued by Christian Farms Rescue and Rehabilitation after reports of animal neglect and being locked up in a stall for at least 10 years. Although his previous owners were still feeding him just enough to stay alive, this poor boy was abandoned and in terrible condition. He had not been able to run freely or go outside all this time. On top of that, he had many health problems that were left untreated, causing him a great deal of pain. His hair was matted down, he was covered in dirt, and had no social or emotional stimulation.

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Once getting the go-ahead from law enforcement, the rescue drove an hour to get him out of there. They knew the situation was going to be bad, but nothing prepared them for what they were about to see. His hooves had grown so long that he could barely walk and he was living in his feces.

“The was one of our worst cases to date,” said the rescue.

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They loaded him up in the trailer and brought him to see their team of vets immediately. They did a full blood workup, gave him some x-rays, and a much-needed bath and treats after a stressful day.

“I could just see in his eyes that he wasn’t ready to give up. So, we just continued to work more and more,” said the rescue.

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Thaddeus is now receiving an abundance of care and love and is free to roam around the sanctuary as he pleases! While he had a challenging start to his life, Christian Farms Rescue is doing everything in its power to give him the life he always deserved.

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Horses are highly social and emotional animals. They feel just as we do; they form bonds and build friendships just as we do; they deserve respect, understanding, and compassion. And above all, they are not machines to be replaced when broken or worn out. Look past the saddles, bit, and bridle. Look at the horse as nothing more than a horse with their own life to live with their own freedoms to enjoy. By changing the hearts and minds of a few people at a time, the perception of horses will hopefully improve.

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Christian Farms Rescue and Rehabilitation is a nonprofit rescue/sanctuary in Tennessee. If you are interested in helping them save more animals, you can Support them by donating!

You can also keep up with the rescues on TikTok and Instagram!

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