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Easter is a holiday with profound religious meaning for many people across the globe, and a time for friends and family to gather and celebrate, usually with a big dinner. With Easter falling in the spring, when fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance, having a meat-free dinner is easy. And Former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi agrees. Berlusconi recently teamed up with the Italian League in Defense of Animals and the Environment for a video campaign in support of choosing a meat-free Easter. The now viral video shows Berlusconi cuddling, kissing, and feeding the lambs with a baby’s bottle, with a sign saying “Defend life, choose a vegetarian Easter” in Italian.

Berlusconi even symbolically “adopted” five lambs that would have been butchered for Easter and urged viewers to do the same. Sounds like a great message of compassion to celebrate for Easter. But Berlusconi is now facing criticism from, you guessed it: Italy’s meat industry. 



Traditionally, Italians eat lamb or goat on Easter Sunday but with the growing success of vegetarian campaigns, consumption of these animals has declined sharply. Italy’s butchers’ lobby Assocarni must realize eating meat is soon to become a thing of the past because the lobby organization attacked Berlusconi and called on advertisers to boycott his television channels and publications.

What many people don’t realize is that cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, and goats are not, in fact, “stupid” animals who don’t care about their fate. To the contrary, these animals are highly intelligent and experience emotions in a very similar to humans. Knowing this, it seems absurd that we would continue to subject them to such pain and suffering in their lives.

If you would like to join Berlusconi in spreading the message of compassion this Easter, you can also “adopt” a farm animal of your own and help contribute to the care of an adorable rescued animal. And if you’re looking for Easter recipes sans meat, fear not! Click here for a ton of delicious options.

Image Source: Lega Italiana Difesa Animali e Ambiente/Instagram

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0 comments on “Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi ‘Adopts’ Lambs to Promote Meat-Free Easter”

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Elsje Parsons Massyn
1 Years Ago

Anyone can change even though they had a questionable past. Silvio Berlusconi thank you for saving the lambs it shows something beautiful of your character.

Eva de Almeida
1 Years Ago

Yes Silvio!!!! Well done!!!!

john pasqua
1 Years Ago


Muriel Servaege
1 Years Ago

Thank you, Mr. Berlusconi.

1 Years Ago

For the first time in my life (and I am old!) my jaw dropped automatically before I realised it. When I saw the photo I pulled a face and thought: "Oh my God, that man looks like Berlusconi: what a poor choice!" and then I saw it was him. My first thought actually was: what does he have to gain from this? Yes, the man is corrupted and not only did he have sex with underage girls (who pretended to be older or whatever anyway), but he seems to have been involved quite deeply with Mafia, which is even worse, much worse. His disregard for women is disgraceful and he has always represented all what I hate (by the way: Mr Trump has so much in common with him). Like Trump he has gone bankrupt several times and went into politics to avoid to be jailed. (sounds familiar to Americans now?). But I have always said that - unlike Trump - he never showed cruelty, actually some of the women in his party (chosen because they looked good) actually introduced good laws to protect animals. Like Trump he had the idea to build something grandiose: in this case was a long bridge from mainland to Sicily (a bridge that the locals didn\'t want). Mussolini already had this idea by the way. We can say that at least it was a bridge and not a wall!
Now I am without words. He is very old: LOL maybe he thinks of doing something finally good to get some tickets in the afterlife! But whatever the reasons I welcome and applaud such move, even if ... well the man is quite hated by many so I am not sure about the good he can do. Certainly he is still in politics, although behind the scenes. He owns three national TV channels, which put him into power. Who knows, maybe he can help animals too (I am vegan). Still do not trust and do not like the man, and I shall never do, but this is GOOD!!!!

Jeff Biss
1 Years Ago

Thank you, Silvio! Screw the meat industry. Meat is murder, we don\'t need it to sustain life or health and as we consider ourselves moral we are obligated to end this holocaust.

Ted C
12 Apr 2017

So when a lion eats an antelope is that murder? Is it murder when a whale sucks up and eats a bunch of krill? What about a fox eating a rabbit? Just wondering. If we didn\'t need meat to sustain life or health then why did humans evolve to be omnivores? Why do other creatures on this planet get to eat meat but not humans?

John M
13 Apr 2017

It can not be coincidence that God had created man without fangs, claws, long intestines etc unlike carnivorous and authentic omnivores (The same reason goes even more for those who believe in evolution).

1 Years Ago

Do you know Silvio Berlusconi is also one of the most corrupt politicians on the planet? And has been involved in sex parties with minors. Don\'t think this makes up for that.

Alessandra Ferrari
11 Apr 2017

I am sure it does not make up for that , but it is great news anyway!

Alessandra Ferrari
11 Apr 2017

Butchers, farmers who rear livestock can go to hell. The sooner they go bankrupt the better!

Jeff Biss
11 Apr 2017

Yeah, it goes a very long way to make up for that. Protecting innocents from slaughter is always a good thing.

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