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Culture is a funny thing. It dominates how we think and why we do what we do. Culture decides which animals we should eat and which ones we should fear.

Often negative stereotypes are a byproduct of our cultural programming. Stereotypes are misleading and often turn out to be just plain wrong. This is as true for animal stereotypes as well as human. Knowing this, this image of a Pit Bull getting smothered in kisses illustrates two of some of the worst stereotypes that we hold against animals and straight up turns them on their heads.

cows kissing dog

The idea that it is okay to exploit cows because they are stupid, boring animals that have no idea what is happening to them is actually incorrect. It turns out that cows are very intelligent animals, with excellent memories. They have shown a unique ability to remember faces and locations and some have even demonstrated an understanding of the mechanical world by using latches to open gates. Being herd animals, they are also quite social, enjoying play and affection on a regular basis. They are very much aware of their surroundings, so there is no excuse for the terrible treatment that they receive in today’s barbaric meat and dairy factories.

Pit Bulls, like cows, also have a lot of negative stereotypes to overcome. Many people wrongfully believe that they are vicious, aggressive animals with locking jaws, unlike any other dog breed, but the reality is that “Pit Bull” isn’t even an official breed of dog. They are bred from many different types of dogs to have certain dominant characteristics, but  physically, there are no locking jaws or innate viciousness. To the contrary, Pit Bulls are highly intelligent dogs, with a love of play that makes them very trainable. During WWII, they were military working dogs, with Petey from the Little Rascals making the Pit Bull America’s nanny dog for many years until a cultural shift in the 1980s (driven by a rise in dogfighting) decided that they were monsters. Today, they are feared animals who are subjected to breed specific legislation and barred from certain cities. Adding to this, Pit Bulls have the highest rate of euthanasia out of all different breeds singled out by the law for euthanasia and other, unfair treatment.

These animals, are both the victims of cultural fixations that say one is to be feared and that one is to be eaten. The fact is that Pit Bulls do not exist to cause fear, any more than cows exist to become meat or milk or both for the masses. They, like every other animal on earth, exist to find happiness and love and understanding, regardless of what role humanity is having them play.

These days, culture dictates that cows and Pit Bulls all over the U.S. should be denied love and affection. Luckily, this picture is proof that they are not denying it to each other! These animal ambassadors make us question all of our cultural notions of food and fear and ask, “But seriously, why can’t we all get along?”

Image source: Imgur

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422 comments on “Photo of Happy Pit Bull Getting Kisses From Curious Cows Will Shatter Your Stereotypes About Animals”

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Silver wing
2 Months Ago

A beautiful pic indeed!

4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Culture IS a funny thing. We live in a culture that thinks it can apply human traits 100% of the time to animals. I have a wonderful dog, a Catahoula, who is just like this dog...hilarious, sweet, cutely photogenic...but at the drop of a hat, at RANDOM about 1% of the time, she will threaten people around her who are doing nothing, people who have only shown her kindness. She witnessed an explosion in her youth that took the life of someone we all loved so it may have amplified from that...but her first expression of aggression started as an even younger pup over objects. She no longer guards objects, her aggression is on whim. I have spent thousands on training, I\'m even speaking with a trainer from the Dog Whisperer show...most people can\'t afford such help and even with that ability, adaptation, and effort put into her daily we still can\'t trust her. Most dogs with aggression are primarily good, loving dogs...the aggression is a rare part of them but when it shows itself it\'s dangerous and even deadly! I adore her, she\'s my best buddy, the first to give kisses if I\'m hurt. Many owners with aggressive dogs are NOT abusive, are not weak leaders, they just have a troubled dog just like a good family can have a troubled child. So while you yell stigma about animals there is also stigma about owners and there\'s very little meaningful behavioral aid for a dog with aggression...it\'s all just "don\'t abuse your dog/be a bad owner". What you never hear is that when you have an aggressive dog that didn\'t become that way through abuse, vets, shelters, trainers...they all eventually recommend you put it down. I don\'t want to, I love this dog...I don\'t know WHAT to do but I don\'t want my kids in the news as casualties either, or my elderly parents, or a neighbor, etc. Our kids adore her and yet are terrified and stay away at all times...when she wants to lick them they brace themselves. I can\'t stand it. Why can\'t she just be this way all the time? She\'d be perfect if not for that 1%. Somewhere between the two extremes of "all animals are wonderful" and "all aggression is from abuse or weakness" is the truth... just like people animals can have issues all on their own and there\'s very little discussion about that in the media.

09 Jul 2017

Very true Stelane.... I\'m not a dog owner, but I have a cat that is also very \'random\' and like your dog, shows emotions in extreme ways. Yes, they say cats are full of sh..t and will snap even after one stroke too many for their liking - but to generalise is terrible. My kitty comes from someone else\'s home and before that from someone off the street - so I have no idea what her life references are - where her \'tipping point\' is - and what her life training was like... most likey zip, as she was probably taken from her mother too soon, etc etc. Yes, pets, like human children are complex and have emotion, physical and psychological issues. We should respect them and treat them with kindness - always.. just like we would a senstive child/adult struggling. :) Go well Stelane.. good luck xx

4 Months Ago

animals do not do the kissin thing?? they are licking the salt off the dog. this from an ole cowboy!

4 Months Ago

I have seen this post before with more pictures and it is not a Pit bull it is a Rhodesian Ridgeback

14 May 2017

Looks like a happy go lucky pit to me. Had one myself, and my brother had a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

10 Jul 2017

does that really matter if it is even true?

Muriel Servaege
4 Months Ago

Well licked!

Charlene Smith
9 Months Ago

Helen Methven

Miguel Mendez Jr
9 Months Ago

Annabelle Johnson

Paramjit Singh
9 Months Ago

Cleaning around the neck where he can not lick

Paramjit Singh
9 Months Ago

Cleaning around the neck where he can not lick


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