When it comes to cuteness, baby sloths might just take top honors. Their little Chewbacca faces just melt our hearts. That’s partly why it’s even sadder when we see these animals in desperate situations. In Costa Rica’s rainforests, young sloths are sometimes left orphaned because of deforestation, the illegal pet trade, or a whole host of other reasons. Since sloths, much like humans, are completely dependent on their mothers for survival for up to three years, an orphaned sloth will surely not survive, without help. The circumstances are even more bleak for those who are injured or born with disabilities.

Thankfully, when the organization, Kids Saving the Rainforest, came across a newly born sloth, who was paralyzed from the waist down, they made the life-saving decision to raise him to overcome his disability, even teaching him how to climb using only his wittle, baby arm muscles! This little one, named Anakin, is learning to tackle the rainforest – but you could say he’s taking on the whole galaxy.


His rescuers made sure to keep Anakin safe and warm, just like his mother would.


They bottle fed him to make sure he would grow big and strong.


And taught him the importance of friendship.


Despite his disability, Anakin knew he could climb mountains … or at least a few branches, which is really no small task!


Go Anakin!



Aside from his damaged back legs, Anakin lives a normal life and will hopefully grow big and strong in the care of the sanctuary. We can all learn something from this little survivor – just keep climbing no matter what life throws your way!

If you’d like to help support Anakin’s rehabilitation, visit Kids Saving the Rainforest.


All image source: Sam Trull