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Costa Rica is a beautiful country, that is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and animals. Spider monkeys, sloths, sea turtles, and tropical birds all mingle with humans as a part of the typical Costa Rican scenery. However, when these animals are injured there are not a lot of places for the to go. That’s where Toucan Rescue Ranch comes in!

The Toucan Rescue Ranch in San Isidro specializes in the rehabilitation and Conservation of many of Costa Rica’s unique animals. Among them are Toucans and other tropical birds, as well as many different sloth species. 

Although sloths are a favorite amongst many, this species is greatly threatened due to habitat loss. Couple this with the sloth’s slow, languid movements and it spells disaster for this struggling species. Thankfully, Toucan Rescue specializes in caring for orphaned sloths, giving them a fighting chance to return to the wild.

Laurie, the director of the Toucan Rescue Ranch, is tasked with helping these rescued babies learn basic survival skills – one of them being, climbing trees. To help these little ones learn in a safe environment, she allows them to climb on wooden rocking chairs. The chair’s movement mirrors rustling trees. Once they are old enough, these doe-eyed orphans will be released back into to wild, where they will soon be flying high in their lush jungle home!

Without the essential efforts of these conservations groups, many of these animals would not stand a chance. If you would like to Donate to the Toucan Rescue Ranch, please click here to visit their website.