Costa Rica is a small country with an unbelievable amount of natural beauty.With its steaming jungles, thick cloud forests, coral reefs and pristine beaches, the Central American country is considered by most to be a tropical paradise. It is a largely undeveloped country, with plans on remaining that way, as they currently a leader in natural studies and eco-tourism. With an ecosystem that is so complex that it is home to roughly four percent of the plant and animal species on the planet, even the waters teem with life. They are home to large, living coral reef systems that attract all manner of fish and other aquatic visitors, from tiny red crabs, no bigger than a nickel to giant sea turtles the size of an ottoman.

It is wonderful to live in a country with such an abundance of wildlife. However, when wild animals are injured, there are limited rescue options available, which is why the work at the Jaguar Rescue Center is so important. The Jaguar Rescue Center is located in the small town of Puerto Viejo de Limon, on the Caribbean side of the country. It was set up to be a safe haven for injured wild animals in need of temporary rehabilitation as they recover, with the intent of returning these animals to the wild. So when a group of sea turtles was found injured by poachers on the beach, the Jaguar Rescue Center was happy to help. This video is another heartwarming example of how many kind people still exist in the world, going out of their way to help out nature’s weakest creatures.


If you would like more information about the Jaguar Rescue Center, please contact them through their website, or you can find the link here.