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Life for sloths might seem pretty relaxed and laid back – after all, they do give the impression of being the world’s most chill animals –  in reality, however, it can be anything but. Many sloth species are listed as threatened or in danger of extinction due to habitat loss and human encroachment. These animals make their homes in the treetops of South American rainforests and as these forests are cut down, for logging, agricultural and cattle grazing interests, or to make way for new developments, they are being stranded with nowhere to go.

As humans move into closer range with sloths, these animals are being faced with dangers that they are not equipped to deal with. One of the major ones being car traffic. When you pair fast moving vehicles with slow moving animals, things can get dangerous quickly. Unfortunately, this was the reality that one sloth had to face when he wandered onto a highway in Ecuador.

Authorities were alerted to the presence of a little sloth who was found clinging to a crash barrier. 

Thankfully, they arrived just in time to divert traffic and keep this little cutie safe.

After evaluating his condition, it was decided the sloth would get the ultimate happy ending! The Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador (Transit Commission of Ecuador) posted on Facebook stating,“The sloth bear rescued by our unit was reviewed by a veterinarian, who determined that it was in optimal condition to be returned to its habitat.”

Thanks to the actions of these kind officers, this lost and frightened sloth will return to the forest where he belongs! We can only hope that he won’t be tempted to try and cross the road again anytime soon.

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All image source: Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador/Facebook