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Sloths are notorious for being incredibly slow. Their lethargic manner is part of what make them admirable creatures. There is no arguing they know how to just stop and take it all in. But, sometimes, the urge to stop and collect their thoughts on life happen in some rather inconvenient places…like the middle of a street.

While you’re not likely to stumble upon a sloth in the road in most places in the world, if you happen to live in Costa Rica, where the three-toed sloth calls home, then you might come across one of these slow friends stuck in the street. Although you would never be able to tell by their constant content grins, the sloth is an endangered species. Meaning, when you see a sloth stuck in the road, it is your duty to make sure he makes it safely to the other side. After all, he probably doesn’t realize he is in danger, let alone endangered! This is precisely what one kind motorist did, watch the wonderfulness that ensues.

 Ah, this pavement is nice and toasty.

Woah! Hey man, I’m relaxin’ over here!

Am I levitating?!  

Oh sweet solid ground, I’ve missed you…but how did I get here?

Oh, I see, this was your doing. Many thousand thank you’s.

That dude just saved me like, three days of travel! 


If this didn’t fill your daily sloth rescue quota, check out this video of another nice person saving a sloth in need.


All image source: Oh Man This is Awkward/Reddit