You might have heard the old saying that brides are supposed to get “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” But this bride opted for something green. That is, she planted 10,000 trees on her Earth Day wedding.

Priyanka Bhadoriya, a 22-year-old science graduate from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, requested that her groom, Ravi Chauhan, and his family plant 10,000 saplings around her home in honor of their wedding day. The groom readily agreed! According to Bhadoriya’s brother, “The in-laws were surprised that the bride wanted plants instead of gold and diamonds. They thought she was asking for a few trees but she made it clear she wanted 10,000 saplings in place of jewelry.”



Aside from being a beautiful gesture to nature, this request represents Bhadoriya’s deep concern for the damage wrought by drought in her country. She witnessed her father, a farmer, struggle because of droughts caused by the region’s disappearing foliage and knew she had to do something, stating, “From childhood, I had a close connection with the environment.” Trees play a vital role in regulating temperatures and aiding precipitation. When deforestation occurs, it can throw the entire ecosystem off leading to severe droughts, like the one Bhadoriya witnessed in her village.

And the planting won’t stop after the ceremony. “We planted two saplings of mango as it is considered pious by nature. We will plant saplings on our every wedding anniversary,” said the couple.

We admire Bhadoria’s selfless wedding request. After all, the trees planted will continue to grow for years and years after the ceremony, bettering the lives of humans and animals alike. With every new tree comes the hope of a better, greener future.


Image Source: Hindustan Times