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It has been a long-awaited victory, but horse-drawn carriages are now banned in Barcelona, Spain! The announcement was made on November 15, 2017, and the law will go into effect in June of 2018.

In regards to this applaudable decision, Barcelona’s Deputy Mayor, Janet Sanz, posted on Twitter, “Barcelona is a friend to animals.” However, there is one loophole in this new law — horse-drawn carriages will be permitted during various cultural celebrations and events.

The issue of horse-drawn carriages is serious because it poses a great risk to both people and horses. Horses are highly-sensitive animals who can easily get spooked by the chaos of traffic and city life, and many have even gotten hit by cars, which endangers the horse and riders. The arduous labor of pulling a thousand-pound carriage for hours on end can cause health problems like physical injuries and exhaustion that can then lead to horses collapsing. Right here in the U.S., there have been many accidents and serious injuries resulting from horse-drawn carriage rides, and a number of horses have even died because of this archaic practice. For a full list of U.S. incidents resulting from horse-drawn carriages, check out this report from Peta.

We are so glad Barcelona has made this progressive decision to ban horse-drawn carriage rides, and we hope other cities and countries follow their lead. This is not the first major victory for animal rights in Barcelona, as the city’s region, Catalonia, banned the barbaric practice of bullfighting in 2011, showing that the area has been making great steps in the right direction to be a friend to animals.

Remember to share this good news with your family and friends and teach them why horse-drawn carriages should be a thing of the past!

Image Source: Pixabay/pexels.com

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40 comments on “Victory! Barcelona Bans Horse-Drawn Carriages”

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Wendy Szucs
10 Months Ago

Good news

Rita Reinecker
10 Months Ago

About time. In Luxor, Egypt, those horses looked malnourished. I mean REALLY thin. On one of the Princes Islands in Turkey, the horses were let loose in a garbage dump, to look for food. What is wrong with people? I do know of a highly-educated woman in Switzerland (my sister-in-law’s best friend) who honestly believes dogs have no feelings.

Lynn Lieberman
10 Months Ago

Yet bullfighting remains a huge ‘sport’ in Spain

Kathleen Powell
10 Months Ago

Excellent news

Erika OR
10 Months Ago

Excuse me but that's Seville no Barcelona

10 Months Ago


Robert Rands
10 Months Ago

What victory? The horses are. probably, going to be dead, now. It is unfortunate that such a lack of sense has become so institutionalized. Two political extremes with the wrong ideas...

Lina Nicolia
10 Months Ago

those are the people who promote torture for the bulls....and the horses, in the arena as they get gored and hurt. Not good enough.

Manel Dias
10 Months Ago

This Mayor must be some one who have the Intellect to watch & realize the Horror of the animals abuse in the Barcelona. Who needs the Horse drawn carriages at this modern era of technology that people can enjoy the things without ABUSING THE ANIMALS. Some of these Horses work from Morning until the late evenings. How cruel is that? Please BAN this madness of pulling the dumb people across the city on a open carriage by a poor, defenseless Horse.

Stacy Towns
10 Months Ago

You do realize that most carriage horses are well taken care of and enjoy their jobs. It's less impact work for a carriage horse to pull a cart verses carrying one rider. Whose going to step up and take care of these horses now? Horse rescues are already full of neglected sick horses. These carriage horses will end up at a horse auction where there's a 80% chance they'll be shipped off for slaughter. You should shift your focus to PMU mares, Charro Rodes (horse tripping), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and after care of retired OTTB. Better yet, go to a horse auction and bid against a meat buyer.


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