You know we live in a sad world when the story of a horse collapsing from exhaustion makes someone else the victim. The Daily Mail story on this carriage horse says the following: “A bride and groom’s special day took a tragic turn when the horse pulling their ornate wedding carriage collapsed with heat exhaustion.” That’s right folks, the bride and the groom faced the tragic circumstances because the animal they forced to drive them around fell down. It must have been awful for them not being able to be driven uphill by a horse.

This story isn’t about smearing the bride and groom. This story is about the bigger issue of carriage horses who are treated as inanimate objects as opposed to animals that live, feel, and breathe. This horse was pulling approximately 800 pounds, uphill, on a blazing, hot day in Italy. The poor animal eventually collapsed in the street, unable to pull the weight any longer.


Carriage horses are frequently injured and they often collapse because they’re overworked by people who either don’t care or don’t know how to care for them. Drivers often promise that the horses are retired to beautiful farms but that’s simply not proven to be the case. In fact, carriage horses are often sold to kill farms to be slaughtered and sold for meat. After years of tireless work, they’re tossed aside for a profit. There is only one solution for this problem: all carriage horses need to be retired to sanctuaries, immediately.

An Italian animal rights group, the Italian Nucleus Operational Protection of Animals, is threatening a lawsuit. Let’s hope they or someone else stands for this horse and all the other carriage horses. At the end of the day, horses don’t belong on the street beside cars and buses. If you want to travel in style, find something else. Aesthetic is not an excuse for cruelty.