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Most of us think of healing the world and imagine that it is done by activists or experts somewhere far away. The truth is, the world is being destroyed a bit at a time by the daily choices of the average person, and the power to heal it is also in the hands of individuals. The good news is that it is not too late to turn it all around.

You can transition from being a reluctant part of the crisis facing the planet to someone who is an enthusiastic part of its necessary healing. You see, these five daily habits can help you heal the world one decision at a time each day. Whether you want to simplify your life so that you can focus on the complex tasks of saving the planet or want to figure out how to most effectively go about that task, these daily habits can help you make the world a lot brighter for yourself and others.

1. Make Actively Learning New Things a Part of Your Daily Life

Our education starts the day we are born and hopefully continues as long as we do. Take control of your daily education by making a sincere effort to learn more about the things that make you feel happy. You can keep it manageable by just reading a chapter per day of a book about something you want to master. Take it a step further and enroll in a course. Follow informative blogs. Get creative here.

Instructional articles to help you cut out your plastic use, save bees,  or simplify your life can provide practical, easy steps to be more effective at walking gentler on the planet. You may even learn about ways to reduce your carbon footprint you never imagined. If you learn just one new thing that you can do for the planet each day, you can complete hundreds of things for the world in one year.

2. Save and Reuse When Possible

Go beyond taking your canvas bag to the grocery store (although that’s important, too). Also bring along your own reusable cup for coffee and drinking beverages throughout your work day. That simple action can make a big difference. People in the United States threw away around 25 billion paper cups each year. If you saved just two cups per day over the course of 40 years, you would save 48 trees and 3,600 pounds of wood.

Think of how you may get practical use out of things a second time rather than tossing them away. Use both sides of each sheet of paper that you use. If you do that, you can cut the amount of paper you need in half. Recycling newspapers and other paper items is crucial. By recycling a ton of paper, you would save enough energy to power the average American home for half a year and save 7,000 gallons of water.

3. Make Daily Choices That Are in Line With Your Ethics

Think critically about the choices that you make in your everyday life that seem second nature to you. Maybe you’ve had a hamburger once per week since you were a kid, so grabbing one for lunch barely seems like a choice at all. It can be perceived as just something people do. However, every time you sit down for a meal or snack, you make a series of significant choices.

When you choose a veggie burger over a hamburger, you can save nearly 700 gallons of water from the single burger. You see, a 1/3-pound burger requires 660 gallons of water. It can take over 1,799 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef, while an entire pound of tofu only takes 244 gallons of water. Here’s an under-reported fact:  livestock production has a bigger impact on the planet than any other human-created cause.

You can stop being a part of the problem by making kinder dining choices and doing simple swaps like chowing down on tofu barbecue instead of beef barbecue. Check out One Green Planet’s #EatForThePlanet campaign to learn more about how you can use your food choices to improve the world around you.

4. Set Daily Goals and Track Them

Formal goal setting can help you fulfill your long-term dreams. Get in the habit of setting your goals or intentions every day. Keeping a specific goal blog can provide you with an easy way to look back and see how well goal-setting works for you over time. When your overall aim to help heal the world, breaking that down into three small goals each day can help you stay motivated to stay the course.

This doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. You may jot down three doable goals every morning, which can include simple things like a commitment to go the day without using any plastic or even going the entire day without a trash. Going without trash one day at a time could even add up to an entire year without trash.

5. Prioritize Your Own Self-Care in a Big Way

You can’t keep taking cookies from a jar and expect there to always be a sweet treat when you need it. If you don’t bake a new batch, you’ll soon have to do without. No matter passionate you are about daily acts of kindness, you won’t be able to sustain your giving goals without first being generous to yourself. Besides, you deserve it, so healing the world should start with treating yourself well.

Self-care looks different for everyone. It needs to address the many aspects of who you are as a unique human being. You need to take care of your physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and financial health. Also, indulge in some simple fun along the way! Take the time to do enjoy the things that make you happiest every day.

If you’re not happy, put effort into changing that. Too many people have a lower quality of life than they should because their issues are controlling their lives in ways they don’t even realize. If you are struggling with any part of your life, therapy can help you gain a greater sense of control of your life. When you take better care of yourself, you empower yourself to more effectively make the world a better place.

Image source: EvgenySHCH/Shutterstock

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Alexandra C. MacArthur
1 Years Ago

I love the cookie jar metaphor for self-care!

Robin Raven
22 Feb 2017

Thank you so much, Alexandra.

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