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There’s been a lot of buzz in the media lately about the negative impacts that meat production and consumption have on the environment and with good reason. Many issues that our planet currently faces, including increased green house gas emissions and unsustainable water usage to name just a couple, can be tied directly to animal agriculture.

So many of us don’t realize that what goes onto our plate affects more than just our waistline (and cardiovascular health, cancer risk, longevity and increased energy levels but we digress). Every bite of food that we consume carries some form of environmental impact, no matter what it is. It just so happens that, according to a vast amount of data out there, meat has a much heavier footprint than foods derived from plants. We’re talking a T Rex footprint vs. a chicken print here.

In looking at all of this information, as you definitely should too, we came up with a list of 10 facts that were truly terrifying. We’re talking Carol Anne getting sucked into the T.V. scary. So sit back with some plant based Bourbon Carmel Popcorn and prepare to take in this horror show of facts.


1. Can’t you just hear the guy from Ferris Bueller on this one? Ferris has missed school nine times. The difference here though is one example deals with truancy and the other with ruining the planet.

10 Scary Facts About Meat and The EnvironmentWorldWatch.org

2. Well, that just seems selfish.

10 Scary Facts About Meat and The EnvironmentWorldWatch.org


3. Way to hog all the land there, livestock…yes, we did.

10 Scary Facts About Meat and The EnvironmentWorldWatch.org

4. She’s right to be covering her mouth, this fact is a little scarier than the zombie apocalypse since it’s, you know, real. (#spoileralert)

10 Scary Facts About Meat and The EnvironmentWorldWatch.org

5. Think you could save some for the rest of us? Geez. 

10 Scary Facts About Meat and The EnvironmentGlobal Issues


6. Way to be guys, you’re literally eating the world to death.

10 Scary Facts About Meat and The EnvironmentTake Extinction Off Your Plate

7. That’s like saying, “If you give me $4.50, I’ll give you a buck.” No deal.

10 Scary Facts About Meat and The EnvironmentStanford Alumni

8. “Mooom, the carnivore got a bigger piece than me!”

10 Scary Facts About Meat and The EnvironmentNCBI

9. Can you make an entire foil body suit for us, Joaquin?

10 Scary Facts About Meat and The EnvironmentVirginia Tech

10. Just, eewwww…

10 Scary Facts About Meat and The EnvironmentTufts




As the leading organization at the forefront of the conscious consumerism movement, it is One Green Planet’s view that our food choices have the power to heal our broken food system, give species a fighting chance for survival, and pave the way for a truly sustainable future.

By choosing to eat more plant-based foods, you can drastically cut your carbon footprint, save precious water supplies and help ensure that vital crop resources are fed to people, rather than livestock. With the wealth of available plant-based options available, it has never been easier to eat with the planet in mind.

Our everyday food choices have the power to heal our broken food system, give species a fighting chance for survival, and pave the way for a truly sustainable future.
One Green Planet’s #EatForthePlanet movement.

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Lead Image: ianthestorck.wordpress.com

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68 comments on “10 Scary Facts About Meat and the Environment”

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11 Months Ago

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11 Months Ago

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2 Years Ago

According to the US DoE Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) and the IPCC that natural CO2 has 30 times the global warming potential of natural CO2. Therefore if CO2 warmed the earth by 2C, then the warming by each is as follows:

If CO2 can warm the earth by 2C, then manmade CO2 would warm the earth by only 0.06C while natural CO2 would warm it by 1.94 C or the rest of the projected 2 C.

If manmade CO2 warmed the earth the whole 2 C, then natural CO2 would concurrently raise the temperature by 60 C.
The IPCC estimated the cost to bring this about at $1 trillion.

Unfortunately, no liberal media will publish these facts.

23 Mar 2017

Whatever, like we care

Muriel Servaege
2 Years Ago

I stopped eating meat a few years ago for health reasons and I must say I feel (much) better now. When I see what cows, calves, pigs, sheep, hens, ... have to go through, I\'m happy I don\'t eat them any longer! The way they are treated is absolutely
horrendous and shameful.

23 Mar 2017

good for you, but WE DON\'T CARE

Jesse Orozco
2 Years Ago

If anyone wants to look at the health benefits of plant based diets; I've got some good resources from accredited scientific professionals on my Facebook page I'd love to share to help inform you towards a healthier quality of life :) #knowledge #greenweek

Renee Renee
2 Years Ago

Pop ups, too many ads. Extremely small font.

Daimo Butler
2 Years Ago

Here's another fact based article for you: https://theconversation.com/veggie-is-the-most-low-carbon-diet-right-well-it-depends-where-you-live-54897

Daimo Butler
2 Years Ago

Here's a couple of facts you won't hear on this site. http://www.skepticalscience.com/how-much-meat-contribute-to-gw.html

Daimo Butler
23 Apr 2016


Daimo Butler
23 Apr 2016


3 Years Ago

Rational vs. Emotional

While all the reasons listed above are valid, it is very very incomplete. The most beneficial reason would be accomplished by doing a side-by-side comparison of the amount of resources required to obtain the same level of NUTRIENTS from meat as from crops. For example, in order to obtain the same level of protein from 1 oz (28 grams) of meat, a vegetarian would need to consume:
•¼ cup cooked dried beans, peas, or lentils
•1 egg or 2 egg whites, or ¼ cup egg substitute
•½ oz (1 Tbsp) nuts or seeds
•¼ cup tofu or tempeh
•1 Tbsp peanut butter
^^ Now with that information, we should do a resources analysis.

I think even larger than the rational reason not to eat meat, we should consider the emotional reasons. YouTube some videos of different animal-pets and you\'ll realize that all animals (pigs, cows, chickens, etc.) prefer to be loved - just like humans. It\'s honestly adorable and it is what I think about before ordering meat vs nonmeat. I haven\'t been able to give up meat completely, but I am getting much closer b/c of the emotional thoughts.

On a side note, the video advertisements on this website are way annoying.

4 Years Ago

The argument #2 was so incredibly stupid I didn\'t bother reading the rest.
To the author of this stupidity: You do realize that animals need to eat too? Livestock or free animals, they don\'t live on air, you know. Do you honestly think that if all humans stopped eating meat then there\'d be no need for animals to eat? Maybe you\'re trying to say that if all humans turn vegan then we wouldn\'t need animals at all?
Get a grip, seriously.

30 Dec 2014

Of course animals need to eat. But think about how much food that animal ate before it grew up and became big enough to be slaughtered for meat. The argument here is that if you skip the \'middleman\' (the animal) and give the crops needed to feed the animal directly to the human, there\'d be more than enough food to spare. One statistic I read (I\'ll try and find the source again if you\'d like) is that enough crops are produced right now to feed the entire human population 1.5 times over. However a lot of this food actually goes to animals being raised for slaughter instead of directly to humans.

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