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Tacos are one of everyone’s favorite meals, no matter what time of year it is or what meal you have them for. They’re easy to customize and allow you to put whatever you want in them depending on your mood, cravings, ingredients on hand, and recipes you find inspiring. Tacos are also one of the easiest recipes to veganize, believe it or not. Plant-based tacos come with the benefits of being healthier for you and are also just as filling. You can put a variety of ingredients inside and produce one tasty, creamy and crunchy, satisfying meal.

But skip those boxed mix tacos and try some of these yummy recipes instead; they’re not only made with real foods but also much tastier too!

Here’s a whole week’s worth of vegan tacos to try … we’ve even given you one to try for dessert too!

Cilantro Avocado Chickpea Salad Tacos


These hearty tacos are filled with protein-packed chickpeas, all seasoned with the must-have taco ingredient of all … cilantro. They also feature sweet and juicy tomatoes and some special seasonings. Give them a go for your next lunch or dinner!

 Tacos Sin Carne

Taco-sin-Carne (1)

No meat needed here! These use a plant-based protein instead, or you could just used crumbled tempeh or your favorite veggie burger crumbled up. The seasoning and avocado used here is what really makes these tacos a star though. But really, what can’t avocado make better, right?

Falafel Tacos


For those not familiar with falafel, these crispy little cakes are made of chickpea and so rich and satisfying! They make excellent salad toppers but can also be used in tacos, like these. The result is truly something different and delicious than anything you’ve ever had. Pick your favorite taco sauce or healthy dressing and spread inside to make them extra creamy.


Kale, Caramelized Onion, and Quinoa Tacos (Gluten-Free)


Love quinoa? Well give it a try in not just pilafs and other side dishes, but even in recipes you wouldn’t normally think to add it whenever you need something hearty and filling. It’s perfect to add to tacos because it will soak up some of the sauce and help everything hold together really well. Here in this recipe, quinoa is added to onions and kale for one healthy, flavor-packed taco everyone will love!


Black Bean and Orange Breakfast Tacos


If you’re craving tacos for breakfast, here’s a great recipe just packed with citrus and Mexican flavors. So tasty! They’re filled with black beans, a top vegan source of protein and a great source of fiber to start out the day. Win, win!


Walnut Taco Meat

Raw-Taco-Tuesday-1024x764 (1)

If you’ve never tried making your own taco meat, you should give it a try; it’s much easier than think! This recipe, for instance, uses only raw walnuts which adds a rich, meaty texture. Just look at that heartiness!

Tacos With Spinach, Mushroom, Potato, and Caramelized Onions


Adding potatoes to just about any dish is sure to produce a rich, hearty texture! These wraps not only contain potatoes, but also mushrooms … a top meat replacement you can use anywhere you’d normally use meat. Give them a try in these delicious tacos and slather on your favorite taco sauce of choice!

Raw Chocolate Tacos


And finally, let’s not forget dessert tacos! You can turn these into almost any type of dessert taco you want after any meal of the week. Try peanut butter, chocolate chip, strawberry and banana with coconut … whatever you wish! But why not just start with a basic, delicious chocolate taco recipe instead? This one will win anyone over!

Lead Image Source: Falafel Tacos