A Whole Foods in New Jersey is claiming it has the “freshest possible” produce now that it’s starting a mini-farm for mushrooms right inside the store.

The new Whole Foods in Bridgewater, New Jersey has a unique miniature mushroom farm in its produce section, where it’s expected to produce up to 120 pounds of mushrooms each week.


Brooklyn-based indoor farm company Smallhold is operating the Whole Foods mushroom farm, which will sell freshly grown oyster mushrooms. Customers will pick between blue, yellow, and pink oyster mushrooms from a lighted store display while the fungi are in their final stage of growth.

“We think the farm will add a level of innovation and intrigue that customers will find very interesting,” said Whole Foods’ Northeast region local program coordinator, Chris Manca.

“These mushrooms will also be the freshest possible produce that you can buy, and we know our shoppers will be excited about that,” Manca added.

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Smallhold has previously installed its mini farms in restaurants, but the Bridgewater Whole Foods will be the first retail space to sell produce from the unique miniature farms.

Manca pointed out that the mini farm will also serve an educational purpose, in addition to drawing customers.

“The growing unit is so unique and beautiful that people will inevitably be very drawn to it,” said Manca. “Our job will be to educate people about what we are doing, and we expect they will be very interested in purchasing some of the mushrooms to take home and try.”

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Lead Image Source: Smallhold / Instagram