In the viral TikTok video, Ava’s s mom shares everything she eats for breakfast.


I should do this everyday too but why is cutting kiwi so annoying 😅 #mamiandme #guthealth #agingwell

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Ava’s mom read somewhere that having two kiwis first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is beneficial to gut health and digestion and has been eating them ever since. She then adds some yogurt, matcha powder, and prebiotic powder to the kiwis for added nutrition.

The soluble fiber found in kiwis may benefit blood sugar regulation and heart health and help support healthy gut bacteria. The insoluble fiber found within kiwis may also help keep bowel movements regular. Kiwis also contain an enzyme called actinidin that can play a role in aiding the digestive process.

Probiotics are live yeasts and good bacteria that can be beneficial for your digestive system. They travel to your lower digestive tract and act as food to help the healthy bacteria grow.

In this simple and delicious breakfast, you’ll be receiving everything you need to start your morning off right! From the antioxidants to the probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, and essential vitamins, you’ll be shocked at just how energized and amazing you feel throughout your day.

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