Bloating gets a seriously bad reputation. It seems as though everywhere we look, there are tips on how to stop it, and lists of foods to avoid that are known to cause it. However, despite the bad rap, bloating happens to everyone, even the healthiest people.

According to Cleveland Clinic, it is estimated that “Between 10% and 25% of otherwise healthy people complain of occasional abdominal bloating.”

TikTok user @nutritionbabe reassures her audience that bloating isn’t something to be afraid of.

“Experiencing gas and bloating while eating lots of raw veggies is actually a sign of good gut health. The good bacteria in your gut eat the fiber in the veggies, but they also give off a CO2 gas which is why there’s a fizz when you open up a bottle of beer, kombucha, or kimchi,” says @nutritionbabe.

While unwanted bloating can be inconvenient at times and uncomfortable, raw veggies have major benefits for your body and they should be incorporated into your daily diet!

Gas and bloating can build up in your stomach from all kinds of causes. The most common explanation is simply digestion. Raw foods can be a little harder for your body to digest and can also be larger in volume.

If you love eating raw vegetables but want to avoid bloating, you can try eating them in more moderate amounts, so you don’t overwhelm your digestive system. Many nutritious, high-fiber foods like raw vegetables, fruit, and legumes are also high-volume. In other words, a serving of them takes up a lot of stomach space and could cause more bloating, simply because the food needs more room in your stomach.

If you’re experiencing bloating, or found this video helpful, you may also want to check out part 2!

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