Smith & Daughters, now unofficially calling themselves Smith & Bella’s for the foreseeable future, has undergone a dramatic menu change. This Australian, plant-based restaurant located in Fitzroy has made a transition from south-of-the-border style fare, to Italian cuisine!

Chef and owner, Shannon Martinez, opened Smith & Daughters in 2014, and wanted to create a menu that didn’t just cater to vegans, but those who are attempting to eat less meat or adhering to a meat-free lifestyle. As a meat-eater herself, she has been known to create very convincing vegan substitutes like her vegan, faux blood sausage.


After years of offering menu items like jackfruit tacos, Martinez wished to switch up her menu simply to spice things up and keep it interesting for her regular customers. Her new Italian menu will include dishes like faux-beef carpaccio, a meat-free “oxtail” ragu served over creamy polenta and compressed mushrooms, a soy-protein schnitzel, and the simple, yet delicious cacio e pepe with vegan parmesan from Greece.

Martinez plans to maybe permanently extend her Italian menu to her guests as long as everything goes according to plan and her diners are happy with the changes.

In addition to running Smith & Daughters, Martinez is currently in the market for a bigger building located on Brunswick Street. Her and partner, Mo Wyse, wish to open an all-vegan deli called Smith & Deli that would offer quick sandwich service and possible delivery options.

The future looks exciting for Chef Shannon Martinez! Smith & Daughters is located 175 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia.


Is your mouth watering for decadent Italian food? 

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Lead Image Source: Smith & Daughters