With cold weather, comes dry skin, redness, and eczema breakouts. Fortunately, there are plants that we can consume or apply topically to treat our skin. Aloe vera is the perfect plant for skin care. Some of the many powers of aloe vera are that it can treat burns, moisturize, aid digestion, sanitize, cool skin, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also great for acne, rosacea, and hair care.

We put together a list of aloe vera supplements that you can find on Amazon and use regularly to reap its benefits, or just to maintain healthy skin during the winter.


1. Merlion Naturals 100% Organic Aloe Vera Powder

Merlion Naturals organic powder

Source: Merlion Naturals 100% Organic Aloe Vera Powder

Merlion Naturals’ Aloe Vera Powder is certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, food grade and free from chemical additives. The price is $9.60 for 8 oz.

An Amazon customer says, “This product helps in all my Ayurvedic treatments to soften my hair and skin!”

2. BioFinest Aloe Vera Powder

BioFinest Aloe Vera Powder

Source: BioFinest Aloe Vera Powder


The BioFinest Aloe Vera Powder is 100% pure, raw, certified organic, verified non-GMO, certified kosher, certified vegan, and gluten-free. BioFinest says, “Rich in vitamin A, C and E, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants, aloe vera powders are known to improve hair and skin health, increase the skin firmness and elasticity, reduce pain and swelling gums.” It costs $10.95 for 4 oz.

Lindsay R. gives it five stars and says, “Seems to make my skin healthier.”

3. Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Seven minerals organic gel

Source: Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Seven Minerals says their Organic Aloe Vera Gel is made “from real FRESHLY CUT Aloe leaves, not powder – making it one of the purest and strongest on the market.” A bottle of 12 oz costs $18.95.


Diana says, “This is the fountain of youth in a bottle — it gives my skin a beautiful natural glow. I use it at night — after I have cleaned my face and used toner and facial lotion, I wait about 10 minutes and then put this aloe vera gel on. My face looks and feels great the next morning.”

4. Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Powder

Naturevibe botanicals powder

Source: Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Aloe Vera Powder


This organic powder by Naturevibe Botanicals has only one ingredient: 100% aloe barbadensis. It is purely made solely from the plant which promotes healthy skin and hair. The price for 8 oz is $8.99.

Jose HT says, “Tastes better than liquid. This powder comes in a plastic jar with screw cap. Texture is very finely milled powdered. I’ll highly recommend you to purchase this product and use it on your hair and skin.”

5. Global Healing Center Aloe Fuzion Bio-Active Aloe Vera Leaf Supplement

Aloe fuzion

Source: Global Healing Center Aloe Fuzion

Global Healing Center’s Aloe Fuzion comes in capsules to supports vibrant, better looking skin. A bottle of 60 capsules costs $24.95.


Juan says, “very good product.”

6. Majestic Pure Aloe Vera Hydra Mist

Majestic Naturals Hydra Mist

Source: Majestic Naturals Aloe Vera Hydra Mist

This Aloe Vera Hydra Mist by Majestic Naturals can be used as a skincare spray for humans and pets, and can also be used for haircare. A bottle of 4 oz costs $11.98.

Jacqueline says, “I have eczema, so it helps soothe my itchy skin. And my dog has skin allergies, so we both use it!”

7. ArtNaturals Aloe Vera Gel

ArtNaturals Aloe Vera Gel

Source: ArtNaturals Aloe Vera Gel

This gel by ArtNaturals contains organic cold-pressed aloe vera and no added color, fragrance or alcohol. A bottle of 12 oz costs $12.26.

One Amazon customer says, “This is what aloe vera get should be! Makes my skin feel so smooth. No Alcohol – only vitamin A and C for preservative. No emulsifiers to make it thick and gooey. Goes on smooth and silky. Try it you will love it as I did.”

8. Solaray Aloe Vera Gel Capsules

Solaray capsules

Source: Solaray Aloe Vera Gel

These Solaray capsules contain aloe vera, ginger, peppermint, parsley. One bottle contains 100 capsules of 2000mg and costs $7.65.

Max says, “I have been taking Aloe Vera capsules since the late 90’s for dry skin and other issues and found Aloe Vera to be very helpful… I am quite happy with it and plan to continue buying.”

9. Lily of the Desert Mix N Go Aloe Drink

Lily of the desert mix n go drink

Source: Lily of the Desert Mix N Go Aloe Drink

Lily of the Desert’s Mix N Go Aloe Drinks also come in other flavors: lemonade, strawberry-kiwi and pomegranate. The price for the 16 count box of the original flavor is $14.14.

Kerry Branham says, “Excellent, healthful drink for the body. I use them in my morning smoothies. No need for any sweetener with these mixer packs.”

10. MB Herbals Aloe Vera Powder

MB Herbals powder

Source: MB Herbals Aloe Vera Powder

The MB Herbals Aloe Vera Powder can be applied directly to your face and even mixed with other natural powders. A half pound bag costs $7.99.

An Amazon customer says, “Love the Aloe vera powder. Just what I expected.”

11. EARTHEN Supplements Organic Aloe Vera Supplements

EARTHEN aloe vera capsules

Source: EARTHEN Naturals Organic Aloe Vera Supplement

Each EARTHEN Naturals Organic Aloe Vera capsule contains 20,000 mg of aloe vera and contains no fillers, GMOs, or artificial colors. A bottle of 120 capsules costs $11.99.

Megan Hellmuth says, “Love the quality and value of this product!”

12. Garden Botanicals Aloe Vera

Garden Botanicals aloe vera

Source: Garden Botanicals Aloe Vera

These Aloe Vera extract capsules by Garden Botanicals are 100% organic and vegan, and equal 5,000 mg of fresh aloe. The price for 60 capsules is $10.00.

Reina says, “Amazing.”

13. Mi Nature 100% Organic Aloe Vera Powder

Mi Nature powder

Source: Mi Nature Organic Aloe Vera Powder

Mi Nature says that their Organic Aloe Vera Powder “conditions hair and skin & Ideal for skin inflammations.” The price for the half pound bag is $9.00.

Geneva says, “Awesome, I love how it mixes well in my recipes and water.”

14. Veegan Aloe Healthy Tonic

Veegan healthy tonic

Source: Veegan Aloe Healthy Tonic

Each Veegan Aloe Healthy Tonic capsule contains 400mg of Kumari Powder, which is aloe barbadenis. The bottle of 60 capsules costs $8.81.

Chaitanya says, “These are so packed full of everything that I need! I take one every other day. They smell really nice. They are also so great for the price compared to other vitamins, especially vegan ones.”

15. George’s Aloe Vera Supplement

George's Aloe Vera Supplement

Source: George’s Aloe Vera Supplement

George’s Aloe Vera Liquid Supplement contains 100 percent fractionally distilled aloe barbadensis miller. The price for the 64 oz bottle is $19.47.

Alorah says, “Always the best Aloe ever. Works the same as all other aloe, but there’s no gag reflex involved with this stuff. It literally tastes like spring water and works like all other aloe. I also use it in my product sprays. Have loved it for years and will continue to for many to come!”

Incorporate Aloe Vera in Recipes

Some of the products above can be incorporated in smoothies or mixed into water. You can also always buy the aloe plant and extract the gel from the inside. Here are some delicious recipes from our Food Monster App that already contain aloe vera or would be great with added aloe vera:

1. Raw Aloe Vera Brownies

Raw Aloe Vera Brownies

Source: Raw Aloe Vera Brownies

Try out these Raw Aloe Vera Brownies by Kyra Howearth. They taste so chocolate-y and delicious you would never suspect there is a nutritious, herbal gel infused in it! Happy snacking!

2. Beginner Green Smoothie10 of the Most Affordable Superfoods

Source: Beginner Green Smoothie

Jeannette Chen‘s Beginner Green Smoothie recipe is so healthy and simple, aloe vera would be a perfect addition.

3. Green Superfood Detox Smoothie

green superfood detox smoothie

Source: Green Superfood Detox Smoothie

This Green Superfood Detox Smoothie by Julie Van den Kerchove is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that will have your skin glowing in no time! Try adding aloe vera for even more benefits!

We hope any of these products or recipes help you incorporate the powerful aloe plant into your routine. For more delicious recipes, download our Food Monster App where we have over 15,000 vegan and allergy-friendly recipes.