When trying to eat healthy, keeping snacks around that are clean and nutritious is a must. However, considering that nowadays every other company claims that their products are “natural” and “wholesome,” it can be difficult to differentiate which ones actually are, and which ones are just junk food in disguise. One of the easiest ways to tell if a snack is, in fact, good for you, is taking a look at the nutritional label. A good rule of thumb if you’re trying to eat clean, is to only buy snacks where you can pronounce every ingredient on the label. It’s also usually a good sign if the ingredient list for a product isn’t ridiculously long.

While much of the prepackaged snack selection on shelves today is processed and contains a dozen or more ingredients, there are some that fit the “clean” bill. And guess what? You may just be able to avoid flipping a ton of boxes over to read nutritional labels! We’ve gathered 10 products that you can feel good about because they are made with 5 ingredients or less.