Philip Wollen was once the vice president of Citibank in Australia, but that all changed after a visit to a clients slaughterhouse business. According to Forbes, after he heard the screams of the animals locked inside, he began to devote his energy and multiple resources to reveal the devastating impacts of animal agriculture, human health and the environment.

Since leaving Citibank, he has stayed in touch with his colleagues in the banking and financial services industry’s, highlighting the positive effects of plant-based eating, and encouraging them to join him. In 2012, he made an important speech at the debate, titled, ‘Should Animals Be Off the Menu?‘ It went viral on social media, and he was suddenly in the spotlight. Since then, more people in the corporate world have begun to understand the issues.


Started in 2014 by Darina Bockman, the Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management group is now playing a serious role at large corporations, where veganism and plant-based living may not be a large focus. It’s a platform that supports influential vegans working in large corporations and encourages them to add more veggie initiatives.

According to an article on Forbes, Bockman said, “I was a vegan activist but also a rising Fortune 500 professional, and I felt there was no community encompassing both. I believed that the vegan lifestyle was a logical fit for high achievers in business – based on the same values of personal leadership, integrity, the quest for knowledge and truth and so on. But the ‘corporate’ vegans needed a community that was all about non-fringe image, pragmatism, strategy, and professionalism.”

VLCM has gathered more than 2,300 members and around 600 additional on LinkedIn. ‘As well as connecting corporate vegans with each other, VLCM also provides them with tools and resources to initiate plant-based projects in their workplace.’

As we know, millennials are strong believers and lovers of vegan living, and these kinds of initiatives appeal to future and current staff from this demographic, making a company a more appealing place to work. Happy healthy employees are what drive a good business, so plant-based living and healthier employees go hand in hand.


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