This McDonald’s look-alike took TikTok by storm, and users are now dubbing the vegan fast-food restaurant “vegan McDonalds’s.”


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The McDonald’s doppelganger is the exact opposite of Mcdonald’s. The owner Charlie Kim wanted to open a restaurant that offered any menu item you would find at Mcdonald’s, but vegan. Instead of a Happy Meal, at Mr. Charlie’s, you’ll get a plant-based ‘Frowny Meal.’

The new restaurant is located on La Brea Avenue, south of Melrose, in Los Angeles. The company has the same look as Mcdonald’s and even sports the same red and yellow colors. It could easily be mistaken for a Mcdonald’s.

“People are already going to know the food is vegan, so I don’t want them to be like, ‘This is so vegan,'” Kim told Yahoo. “I want it to taste like a real burger.”

The menu features the Not a Hamburger for $6 with an Impossible patty, the Not a Cheeseburger for $7, and the Double Not for $8, which is double patties and double cheese. Don’t forget the Not Chicken Nuggets for $7 and the fries for $5.

The restaurant blew up after Lizzo posted a review of the ‘Frowny Meal’ on TikTok. Lizzo has been very vocal about her journey to plant-based, and she said so many people were sending her this new restaurant, so she had to check it out!

The Frowny Meal includes a Not a Burger, fries, Not Chicken Nuggets, and a drink. It’s served in the same red cardboard box as Happy Meals but involved absolutely no animal cruelty in the making!

After having a baby, Kim and his wife began to follow a vegan lifestyle. Kim told Yahoo News,

“Growing up I was eating fast food a lot. I’m a big dude, I play hockey and I was used to eating meat and all this heavy stuff. I want to be healthier to take care of my family.”

Mr. Charlie’s includes various merch with collaborations from artists and brands. There is a space upstairs for the artists to showcase their art and products, free of charge!

“I wanted to do something more for the planet, but also open a space for community engagement as well,” he said.

Kim is looking to expand the vegan Mcdonald’s and spread plant-based eating. He is looking for restaurants to partner with to turn their meat serving locations into successful Mr. Charlie’s restaurants.

“If you have a failing fast food restaurant anywhere in the country and you need the help and it’s something that we can support, we are down to Mr. Charlie your space and partner with you,” he told Yahoo. “We can work with your staff and retain those jobs.”

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