Liquor and desserts have always made good bedfellows. From decadent aroma of Irish Cream to soft, velvety Tiramisu, boozy sweets offer some of the most delectable after-dinner pairings. Unique as they may be, liquor-infused treats tend to have one thing in common: dairy.

On Thursday, Häagen-Dazs gave plant-based desert lovers a reason to smile. The frozen treat manufacturer unveiled a new spirits-flavored ice cream collection, one of which is 100% dairy-free—Non-Dairy Amaretto Black Cherry Almond Toffee.


Source: Häagen-Dazs

The new ice cream line, including the non-dairy flavor will also be available at Häagen-Dazs store locations, and sold in cup, cone, and sundae format as of March 1st.

Häagen-Dazs Brand Manager Rachel Jaiven, said in a release for the line: “The Häagen-Dazs brand is built on a passion for transforming the finest ingredients into extraordinary ice cream experiences,” said “The Spirits Collection was expertly crafted to offer new, extraordinary ways to indulge. Each flavor is perfect to pair with your favorite cocktail, elevate a boozy float or simply enjoy on its own.”

And there’s no need for a designated driver. Every though the the ice cream is infused with booze, it only has an ABV of half a percent or less. (For better or for worse!)


Boozy Desserts in Your Kitchen!

Of course, you don’t need to leave your kitchen for boozy, plant-based desserts. Check out these boozilicious recipes, courtesy of the Food Monster App.

Baileys White Chocolate Truffles 

Source: Baileys White Chocolate Truffles

These Baileys White Chocolate Truffles by Clémence Moulaert are the perfect food to either enjoy alone or gift to another friend. They’re indulgent and easy to eat on the go if you ever find yourself needing a boozy, sweet boost. Eat Responsibly!

 British Baileys Bourbon Cream Biscuits

Source: British Baileys Bourbon Cream Biscuits


British Baileys Bourbon Cream Biscuits are a twist on the classicly British biscuit (aka a cookie, even though you can’t call it that in Britain). A Bourbon cream is the most attractive and delightful little biscuit there ever was, but it’s never sold with a Baileys cream center, so Clémence Moulaert decided to make one.

Irish Cream Mousse

Source: Irish Cream Mousse

Rachel Hanawalt‘s Irish Cream Mousse recreates the flavors of the beloved cream-based liqueur in this light, boozy, and airy dessert that’s perfectly dairy-free!

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