The weather is changing, and at long last, the season where it’s acceptable to eat apple pie for breakfast and dive into comforting, boozy treats in front of the fireplace to warm ourselves up has arrived. And what better way to lean into those inclinations than by making your own vegan treats infused with vegan liqueur?

As you may know, Baileys Irish Cream, a traditionally dairy-filled alcohol, released a vegan-certified almond milk-based version of their Irish Cream liqueur earlier this year, much to the plant-based community’s delight. With dairy consumption on the decline, it’s no wonder Baileys made the switch. In just five years, almond milk sales grew 250 percent to more than $894.6 million, rendering their choice to capitalize on the plant-based milk market a no-brainer.


Now, we here at One Green Planet love cooking, and while we appreciate all the recipe ideas Baileys Almande provided for legal-aged adults on their official website, we decided to go one step further, and turn to our trusted Food Monster App for some festive, boozy plant-based recipes. Luckily, they did not disappoint. Learn how to make your own vegan Baileys, and then try your hand at these three amazing Baileys-based recipes you can cozy up to at home as the days get shorter and the weather cooler!

Make your own!

First things first: if you can’t find Baileys at your local liquor store, you can always make your own Irish Cream Liqueur by Katie Higgins.  It’s simple to make, and can serve as the base for any recipe that calls for vegan Baileys!

Check out this sweet, rich dessert:

These Chocolate Stout Cupcakes With Irish Cream Frosting by Aileen Metcalf combine two alcohols into one dessert; you’ll use a stout for the fudgy, rich chocolate base, and Baileys Almande for the frosting. Yum!

Lean into the truffle trend!

These Baileys White Chocolate Truffles by Clémence Moulaert are the perfect food to either enjoy alone or gift to another friend. They’re indulgent and easy to eat on the go if you ever find yourself needing a boozy, sweet boost. Eat Responsibly!


For the British biscuit lovers:

British Baileys Bourbon Cream Biscuits are a twist on the classicly British biscuit (aka a cookie, even though you can’t call it that in Britain). A Bourbon cream is the most attractive and delightful little biscuit there ever was, but it’s never sold with a Baileys cream center, so Clémence Moulaert decided to make one.

If you’re really feeling the whole booze-infused vibe, check out these 7 Delicious Recipes for Healthy Booze-Infused Cocktails and Ice Creams.

We also highly recommend downloading our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. The app has more than 8,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to ten new recipes per day. Check it out!

Lead image source: British Baileys Bourbon Cream Biscuits