This August, the first all-vegan kindergarten will be opening in Frankfurt, Germany called Mokita Kindergarten. Parents will finally have the opportunity to send their children to a school that doesn’t include meat, dairy, or egg products in their cafeteria.

The goal at the kindergarten, which will teach approximately 40 young minds to begin with, is to raise children who can consider the best strategy when approaching a challenging or conflicting situation. They also hope that these children gain the knowledge to reflect on their own personal goals, or missions while considering the goals of their peers. By instilling this mentality into their students, Mokita hopes that it will inspire respect and compassion for all living beings, including animals.

In order to teach compassion to these kindergarten students, Mokita wants to align their morals to what the children put on their plate. This is why they have chosen to create an all-vegan lunch menu that is sustainable, and nutrient-dense. By setting the kids up for success and showing them how to eat healthily, it will help empower them to continuously make healthy decisions while showing respect for other humans, animals, and their environment.

Although Mokita has been met with some criticism by local politicians who disagree with a vegan diet, representative of the Free Democrats, Stefan von Wangenheim, said that it would be more dangerous to send children to a school that only served junk food. Mokita wishes only to encourage kindness and healthy dietary choices in their students.

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Crispy Tofu Nuggets

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Strawberry Peach Fruit Roll Ups

Nothing makes a packed school lunch more exciting than a fruit roll up, and these Strawberry Peach Fruit Roll Ups are completely raw, exceedingly healthy, and sweet and tangy.

Super Creamy Mac and Cheese

This Mac and Cheese is free from the artificial colors and preservatives that you would find in traditional boxed mac and cheese. It is also super creamy, rich, and nutritious!

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