When it comes to getting protein on a plant-based diet, people tend to become concerned. “Will I eat enough protein-rich foods to get my daily requirement?” “Is it even possible to reach the ideal daily intake of protein without meat or dairy?” “What is the best way to get my protein?” These questions are all valid. While it is certainly possible to get enough protein by eating protein-rich foods like peas, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, legumes, nuts, and seeds, we know that not everyone always has the time to make nutritious meals every day. That’s where vegan protein powders come in handy.

For many years, whey protein powders reigned supreme in the protein powder sector, but this is no longer the case. Nowadays, there are protein blends made from pea protein, hemp, rice, vegetables, and fruits that pack just as much nutrition, protein, and amino acids as whey, if not more! Plus, since there’s no whey or dairy, there’s less of a chance that these powders will cause any pesky digestive problems. Not sure where to start on your vegan protein powder hunt? These 15 powders available online should help!