Breakout plant-based protein company, Beyond Meat went public back in December, and has since partnered with fast food giant Carl’s Jr to offer their signature Beyond Burger at drive-through windows across the country.

Now, the innovative food producers turned their attention back to the grocery store. In an announcement this week, Beyond Meat has confirmed the release of a ground beef-style protein product ‘Beyond Beef.’ Derived from a blend of mung bean, pea and rice proteins, Beyond Beef has as much flavor, juiciness, and ground-chuck texture of traditional cow meat. Not only is the product every bit as tasty as the beef it resembles, it’s also every bit as malleable. Cooks will be able to make their plant-based meatballs, tacos, or sliders as authentic as possible. Kiss those falling-apart veggie burgers goodbye!

Not only is Beyond Beef more protein-packed than dead cow, it has 25% less saturated fat, weighing in at less than 6g per serving. The product also contains 20 grams of protein per serving, which for everyone keeping score at home, is even more than cow meat.

Source: Beyond Meat/Instagram

Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat’s founder and chief executive officer said of the product: “We’ve long had our eye on creating a product that enables consumers to enjoy all the benefits and versatility of ground beef while tapping into the human health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of plant-based foods.” Not a bad mission statement. He went on to say “As is our commitment, we’ve built this latest addition to our family of plant-based meats while being thoughtful about ingredient choices that support everyday use by the whole family, including strict avoidance of GMOs, soy, or gluten.”

Beyond Beef will be in the cold foods aisle later this year. Not only that, Beyond Beef is expected to become certified by both Kosher and Halal authorities.

Update 7/15/19: Beyond Meat’s vegan ground beef is now available in stores!

Make Your Own Plant-Based Burger

Of course, you don’t need to wait for Beyond Beef to make delicious plant-based burgers! Check out these tasty offerings, courtesy of the Food Monster App!

Kidney Bean-Walnut Burgers With Mississippi Comeback Sauce

Source: Kidney Bean-Walnut Burgers With Mississippi Comeback Sauce

These Kidney Bean-Walnut Burgers by Rhea Parsons are tasty and hold together perfectly. I didn’t add a lot of spices to the burgers so go crazy with the toppings. Try them with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and topped with sautéed mushrooms and Mississippi Comeback Sauce! Here’s to perfect burger making!

Nourishing Black Bean Burger With Thousand Island Dressing

Black Bean Burger

Source: Nourishing Black Bean Burger With Thousand Island Dressing

It’s BBQ party season and these Black Bean Burgers by Maria Koutsogiannis are the perfect addition to your next gathering. They will be the star of the show. They’re super delicious, nutritious, and easy to follow! Don’t skip out on the homemade Thousand Island sauce because it really makes this burger.

Mushroom, Beet, and Black Bean Burger

Source: Mushroom, Beet, and Black Bean Burger

Mushrooms, beets, and black beans. The combination of these three ingredients creates a magnificently meaty burger. Not to mention, mushrooms and roasted beets provide you with that fantastic fifth taste: umami. You’re really going to dig this tasty burger recipe by Kayli Dice.

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