There’s still a common misconception that vegan bloggers or influencers are just white, privileged individuals obsessed with juicing and avocados. Although there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of celery juice now and again, it’s not an accurate representation of the vegan community. There are an enormous amount of Southeast Asian plant-based bloggers doing innovative things to food. Whether you’re looking for a veganized reproduction of your favorite Korean curry or are dying for a good plant-based donut, we’ve got you covered with our most beloved bloggers to follow, like, and share!  

1. Joanne Molinaro – The Korean Vegan 

Joanne Molinaro’s website says “I veganize Korean food. I Koreanize everything else.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Her food is creative, packed with flavor, and undeniably delicious. However, our favorite part of Joanne’s content is her videos. In these beautifully shot films on her Instagram and TikTok, you can watch her work her culinary magic while listening to her share life lessons, memories, and how cooking has changed her life. 

2. Lisa Le – The Viet Vegan 

Ontario-based food blogger Lisa Le shares mouth-watering food pictures from the best restaurants in town. When she travels, she takes her eager taste buds with her and shares where to find the best donuts, bagels, and so forth. Lisa is also a talented cook, so expect a few recipes to pop up on your feed, too. You can follow her on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and or visit her website

3. Rosa Lee – Cheap Lazy Vegan 

If you’re looking for affordable plant-based recipes, look no further than Rosa Lee at Cheap Lazy Vegan. Her recipes are easy to follow and range from vegan bacon to Korean dishes like tteokbokki made with rice paper. Her Instagram is packed with different dishes that will send you directly to the captions to figure out how you can recreate them at home. She also has a Youtube channel, a website, and a TikTok.  

4. Woon Heng 


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Woon Heng grew up in Malaysia and its influence on her shines through in her food. If you love dumplings, noodles, and stir-frys influenced by Malaysian flavors, you are going to love Woon Heng’s content. Every dish is packed with different kinds of mock meats, delicious sauces, fresh vegetables, and an infinite amount of creativity. Her Instagram is a joy to scroll through, and you can also find her on Youtube, TikTok, and on her website

5. George Lee – Chez Jorge 


The first thing you’ll notice when coming across George Lee is that he loves to cook. His Instagram videos are all about pushing the limits of vegan cuisine and turning simple ingredients into stunning dishes. George is originally from Taiwan and loves to cook veganized versions of his favorite food. We can’t get enough of his videos and delectable recipes, and we know you’ll feel the same way, too. You can also follow his TikTok and check out his recipes on his website

6. Liz Miu 

Have a sweet tooth? So does Liz Miu! You can watch her make cheesecakes, cookies, donuts, and so much more on her socials. But don’t worry, she also indulges in a few savory dishes as well like giant bowls of Korean noodles and vegan curried egg salad sandwiches. She’s also got an amazing personality and is very fun to watch. Give her a follow on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and check out her website.  

7. Remy Park – Veggiekins

Remy Park of Veggiekins loves a good aesthetically pleasing Instagram post, but she’s also a great cook with easy and nourishing recipes. Several of her recipes are Asian-inspired and celebrate fresh produce and punchy flavors. She shares all of these on her website and TikTok. Remy also writes lifestyle blog posts and has a few workout-focused posts to read, too. If you like watching beautiful vlogs, you’ll love following her life via Youtube

8. Mommy Tag


Tag has amassed a generous following on her Youtube for her fully vegan mukbangs. She loves to cook, eat, and eat some more! Tang loves sharing different kinds of noodle dishes with her fans, but also indulges in delicious vegan eats out and about too. People who come to Tang for the food end up staying for her personality. She’s funny, is a great storyteller, and it looks like she loves what she does. You can also follow Tang on Instagram

Are you as hungry as we are after reading all the delicious Asian-inspired recipes to try out? What are you waiting for? Just make sure to come back and let us know who you rushed to follow first!

Learn How to Cook Plant-Based Meals at Home

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For those interested in eating more plant-based, we highly recommend purchasing one of our many plant-based cookbooks or downloading the Food Monster App which has thousands of delicious recipes making it the largest vegan recipe resource to help reduce your environmental footprint, save animals and get healthy! And, while you are at it, we encourage you to also learn about the environmental and health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Here are some resources to get you started:

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