DSM, a scientific company driven by nutrition, health, and sustainability, announced its plan for fermented stevia back in 2014. Now, looking to expand their availability, DSM plans to offer a full-scale production by 2020!

The development of fermented stevia is so exciting because it is much more sustainable and cost-effective than the production of traditional artificial sweeteners. This new market has the potential to skyrocket to over 3 billion euros in sales by the year 2025!


The main objective of DSM is to up economic profitability while lowering negative environmental impacts that come from the manufacturing process. They wish to give their stakeholders the tools to create sustainably valuable products by offering business solutions concerning human and animal nutrition, connectivity, green products, and personal care.

President of DSM, Jeremy Xu Koninklijke, explains that with their vast knowledge of various ingredients along with their application style, they are more than likely to play a major role in the progress of fermented stevia products.

The company wishes to sell their fermented stevia to large companies such as PepsiCo, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Co.

In addition to developing and marketing fermented stevia sweeteners which would significantly improve sustainability issues while reducing the consumption of refined sugars, DSM plans to launch new plant-based proteins between the years 2021-2025.


DSM is making amazing headway as a company advocating for sustainable living and an increased awareness of proper nutrition.

Looking for recipes that utilize healthy, natural sweeteners like stevia? 

Cutting refined sugars out of your life is only going to benefit your body. For snacks that are free from refined sugars with natural alternatives, try some of these recipes from our Food Monster App!

Pear Pecan Bread

This pear pecan bread is full of antioxidants and refined sugar-free! Instead, it is sweetened with stevia powder!

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies 

Are you looking for a cookie that is delicious and refined sugar-free? Then try these peanut butter pumpkin cookies that are naturally sweetened with stevia, agave nectar, and applesauce.


Pineapple Strawberry Agua Fresca 

This agua fresca, is inspired by a popular Mexican drink and is sweet, refreshing, and refined sugar-free!

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Lead Image Source: Mike Mozart/Flickr