Plantains are a delicious fruit that are more often used as a vegetable. They pair perfectly with rice and beans, but are also excellent in stews, soups, and even baked goods. They can even just be fried up on their own and thrown on your plate and will most likely complement your meal. To give you some ideas, we put together 10 delicious plantain recipes from our Food Monster App ranging from sweet to savory!

1. Spicy Plantains With Rice and Peas 

Source: Spicy Plantains With Rice and Peas


The flavors in Caribbean food pack a real punch and always taste so fresh. Scotch bonnets are key to this Spicy Plantains With Rice and Peas recipe by Harriet Porterfield, but if you can’t find them, just use the hottest chili you can get your hands on. Scotch bonnet peppers are an excellent source of phytochemicals and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), iron, vitamin B, carotenoids, niacin, riboflavin, dietary fiber, flavonoids and magnesium. They also contain capsaicin, which is not only a powerful pain killer, but is also said to reduce the build up of excess fat.

2. High-Protein Sweet Plantains and Stewed Black Bean Bowl

Source: High-Protein Sweet Plantains and Stewed Black Bean Bowl

This Sweet Plantains and Stewed Black Bean Bowl recipe by Elsie Kruz is hearty, spicy, and oh so delicious. This is a great comfort dish, and pan-frying the plantains just makes it extra special.

3. Baked Plantain Fritters 

Source: Baked Plantain Fritters


Serve Amy Height‘s Baked Plantain Fritters with a little sweet basil ponzu dipping sauce on the side for a savory treat, or have them plain as an energy-boosting, sugar-free snack. These are also awesome post-workout to refuel without tipping the blood sugar scale into crazy-land. They’re also just really decadent while being entirely guilt-free. Everyone wins!

4. Plantain Sweet Potato Tacos With Guacamole 

Source: Plantain Sweet Potato Tacos With Guacamole

Erin Druga‘s Plantain Sweet Potato Tacos are exactly as they sound – stuffed with plantains, sweet potatoes and black beans and topped with a simple guacamole. They’re vegan, gluten-free and an excellent lunch or dinner option!

5. Plantain Brownies

Source: Plantain Brownies


These Plantain Brownies are the most perfect brownie recipe by Claire Ragozzino. They’re gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and don’t taste like cardboard or strange hippie healthy takes on dessert. Plus, it’s under 10 ingredients! It’s also a recipe that’s versatile in texture and flavor possibilities.

6. Caramelized Plantains With Coconut Cream 

Source: Caramelized Plantains With Coconut Cream


Anna Bannister‘s Caribbean-inspired Caramelized Plantains With Coconut Cream are the perfect side dish or appetizer for a summer meal. The outsides get crunchy, the insides stay tender, and they’re the perfect balance of savory and sweet. The delicious coconut cream and flakes will transport you straight to Puerto Rico.

7. Fried Plantain French Toast Sandwich 

Source: Fried Plantain French Toast Sandwich

Meet the perfect brunchtime meal. In this Fried Plantain French Toast Sandwich recipe by Larice Feuerstein, ripe plantains are sliced and fried until the edges are sweet and caramelized and sandwiched between two slices of coconut milk French toast. The toast is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with notes of warm nutmeg and cinnamon. Serve this French toast sandwich with a drizzle of maple syrup and a side of savory hash browns.

8. Cuban Lentil Soup With Baked Plantains and Lemon Crema

Source: Cuban Lentil Soup With Baked Plantains and Lemon Crema


Comfort in a bowl – chock full of vegetables and classic Cuban onion and garlic essence with a kick. Karen Sheer‘s Cuban Lentil Soup is a robust soup with plenty of vegetables and spiced up with traditional Cuban flavors. Garnished with a lemon-crema and irresistible baked plantains, this dish is warming and full of nutrition!

9. Creamy Plantain Stew 

Source: Creamy Plantain Stew

This Creamy Plantain Stew by Ana Quieroz is so satisfying and comforting, you’ll be coming back for seconds in no time. Infused with creamy and delicious ingredients like coconut milk and coriander, you can’t go wrong with this simple, but effective recipe.

10. Fried Plantains in Tomato Gravy 

Source: Fried Plantains in Tomato Gravy

Green plantains are frequently used as a main ingredient in African dishes. Rini Desai‘s Fried Plantains in Tomato Gravy recipe combines the sweet starchiness of the vegetable pairs well with the indulgent tomato gravy. The sauce is seasoned using the African spice berbere, which can be found in African grocery stores or online. This recipe tastes great by itself, but, if you want to make it even more filling, serve it with basmati rice.

Plantains are especially popular in Caribbean cuisine, so if you’re learning to use plantains, you should also check out Turn Your Kitchen Into an Island Getaway: How to Cook Authentic Caribbean Cuisine and then you can move on to plantain’s relative and make these 12 Vegan Banana Recipes.

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