The soul-stirring video above details the work of “Strong Women, Wild Horses,” a collective of female photographers who are dedicated to documenting the lives of wild horses in the Great Basin. This geographic area – which encompasses much of the states of Oregon, Nevada, and Utah, as well as parts of California, Idaho and Wyoming – is one of the few remaining untamed regions of the United States. Here, wild horses have continued to roam freely … until now.

The group says, “As the ranching industry demands more land for cattle grazing, and oil producers plot to extend massive pipelines across the country, the lives of these animals hang in the balance. For the wild horse, the Great Basin has literally become a war zone.”

The women hope that the beauty of the horses portrayed in their work will inspire all who care about these animals to take action. The wild horse needs to be saved … before it’s too late.

More information about the photographers’ important work can be found on their website.