When a woman found three skinny puppies in her neighborhood, she placed a call to the Michigan Humane Society and kept them safe in her backyard until their arrival on the scene. The energetic little puppies were brought back to their rescue center, where all three received vaccinations and two of them were placed on a special diet to help them grow strong.

The puppies in the video, dubbed Waffles, Pancake, and Buckley, are very lucky that the woman who found them knew that contacting the Humane Society was the right course of action to take. Thanks to her they’re on their way to finding loving forever homes.

Unfortunately, many of the estimated 70 million homeless animals in the United States never get this chance, but we all have the power to help. A single phone call is all that it took to change the lives of Waffles, Pancake, and Buckley for the better, so if you ever come across stray or abandoned animals, please contact your local animal rescue hotline immediately.