There are certain situations that occur in nature where humans should not get involved. If two wild animals are clawing each other in a battle, you should probably keep your distance. If you see a family of ducks making their way across the highway and there is no impending traffic, let them be. And if you see a baby bird, we always suggest that you don’t pick them up or assume that they’ve been abandoned. However, in life, there are always special circumstances. There are times when animals are wandering around in dangerous places without realizing it, and without human intervention, they will surely get hurt. There are times when animals are stuck in random places and wouldn’t possibly be able to get themselves out of the sticky situation without a little help. And of course, if you see a stray animal that seems to be dying of thirst, there’s no harm in giving the innocent creature some hydration.

Recently, Imgur user wanderfarandlivewild, stumbled a baby bird that had clearly been knocked out of his nest after a bad storm.

After trying to locate his nest with no success, the Imgur user decided that since he was so young, the best course of action was to bring the little guy home. 


After a little online research, they determined the bird was a young robin who was not equipped to be out of his nest yet. He quickly set up a makeshift nest for the tiny bird to feel comfy. 

According to the Imgur user, the bird started to grow in feathers pretty quickly and was getting noticeably bigger by the day. 

“For a wild bird he was pretty docile,” shared the Imgur user. “He would just sleep on my hand or shoulder.”

She also shares that the robin seemed to have no problem just hanging out inside and relaxing. 

The kind person made sure to give the birdie plenty of time outside, though. She didn’t want him to get too used to being inside so she would set him up on branches so that he wouldn’t forget his native home.

The Imgur user knew it was time to let the birdie go when he was no longer interested in being hand fed and became hesitant to go back inside of the house. She left food out for him for the first few days while he became independent, but eventually he stopped coming back. 




While we encourage people to always contact a professional before stepping in to help a wild animal, we are grateful that this kind person was willing to go the extra mile to save this small baby. We hope that he is flying free in his natural habitat now and will never have to worry about being lost or scared again.

If you ever come across an animal in need of help, it’s always best practice to contact a wildlife rehabilitator, to find some that can help in your area, click here.

All image source: /Imgur