The internet is a great place to get the dose of adorable that you need to make it through the hustle and bustle of your busy day. Here at One Green Planet, we do a terrific job at providing you with the coolest animal cuteness (not to brag or anything). We are especially proud of our cats! Heck, who doesn’t love cats? Our furry friends just purr and knead their way into our hearts. Are we obsessed? Perhaps we are. However, the entire world seems to be in love with these furry angels as well.

These days, the internet is buzzing about a particular cat named Nala; and with good reason because she is absolutely adorbs! Nala the Cat even has her own Instagram account, sharing her furry adventures in picture and video form. There is no doubt that Nala is a star, and she has over a million fans that follow her page to prove it! Nala is certainly the coolest cat around and definitely one of the coolest cats on Instagram. Here are some of her best moments, showcasing Nala’s inner Fonz.



1. Nala can play a mean game of hide and go seek and peek-a-boo!

2. Shark Week? No problem. Nala isn’t scared, she embraces it.

3. Nala is a philanthropist, helping shelter cats in need. Also, kudos for knowing how to use her iPhone better than most humans.


4. She’s a game changer. Let the Cat Into the Bag, we now say.

5. Nala has a way better bow tie collection than Winston Churchill did.

6. Nala even has her own merchandise.

7. She’s so cunning, that she can camouflage herself nearly anywhere. #Stealth


8. She’s a superhero vigilante. Hello, Nala the Spider Cat!

9. She didn’t do it! Nala uses her coolness to get herself out of any jam.

10. She stays up-to-date with the current trends, like wearing Nerds.

11. She gets invited to all of the coolest Hollywood cat events.

12. She solicits cuddles and kisses wherever she goes.

13. Her world is full of surprises!


14. Nala can pull off wearing the hat that all of us wish we can pull off wearing.

15.Nala is very popular and has a lot of friends.

16. She also has some frenemies.

17. Nala has done a bit of modeling. She is quite the cover girl.

18. Only Nala can rock this fabulous hue. She is just so ahead of trend!

19. Nala LOVES life!


20. Let’s be real, she is just straight up perfect.



Oh, Nala the Cat. We just can’t get enough of you.

All Images: nala_cat/